Minecraft remains one of the most popular games ever made. Recently Microsoft-owned Mojang Studios announced that the game had sold over 300 million copies since it launched in 2009. One of the reasons it is still popular is that it has a huge fanbase of kids who enjoy playing the game.

Microsoft and Mojang claim they want to make playing Minecraft safe for players, especially children, when they go online to play on other servers. Today, Microsoft and Mojang announced the formation of the official Minecraft server list website as an attempt to give parents a better chance of keeping the gaming experience safe for their kids.

Mojang has partnered with a group called Gamersafer to create the list. Mojang stated the requirements that a Minecraft server must have to be included on the list:

Firstly, they have to prove that they comply with the Minecraft Usage Guidelines. Secondly, they need to provide official contact information, the purpose of the server, who it is for, and foundational community management practices that set the tone, values, and principles of the server. So you have more information before you jump on and invest time in a world!

Not only will Minecraft servers on the list have to abide by Mojang’s guidelines, but Gamersafer will enforce those guidelines by periodically checking into those servers to see if they still keep up with those rules. Those servers can earn badges on the official list to show they are adding features to keep them safe.

Even with these measures, Mojang does say that being on the official Minecraft server list does not automatically guarantee that a server is 100 percent safe to log into. It states:

Online safety requires constant parental involvement and child education, among other efforts. This site cannot replace those elements but is there to help inform you on that journey. 

Also, this new project is still in its early stages, so its likely to change and evolve in the coming months.


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