It appears that the full source code for Rockstar’s hit open-world crime game Grandt Theft Auto 5 has found its way to the internet. Insider Gaming reports that 100GB of code was leaked on Christmas Day. In addition to the GTA 5 source code, the site claims that some Python code for the upcoming sequel, Grand Theft Auto 6, was also leaked, along with files from a canceled Rockstar Games sequel, Bully 2.

People have apparently been going through some of the GTA 5 source code and finding some interesting things. In a separate article, Insider Gaming claims that the code contains references to as many as eight unreleased single-player DLC packs.

The titles for these alleged DLC packs are:

SP Assassination Pack
SP Manhunt Pack
SP Norman Pack
Agent Trevor
Relationship Pack
Enterprise Pack
Prologue DLC
LibertyV DLC
If these titles are indeed real and accurate, it looks like Rockstar had plans to release a DLC pack that would have taken place before the story events of GTA 5 (Prologue DLC). The Enterprise Pack title might mean that it would have added more business-oriented parts to the game. The Relationship Pack might have been a reference to adding more romantic encounters in the game.

Rockstar decided not to move forward with any single-player DLC packs. Instead, it launched GTA Online and released a number of DLC packs for the online multiplayer portion of GTA 5. That turned out to be the correct decision, as GTA Online has generated a ton of money for Rockstar and has continued to boost sales of the main game.

GTA 6 is now in full development, and Rockstar recently released the first trailer for the game, which confirmed it will take place in Vice City. The game is due out in 2025 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.


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