You heard that high school graduates are eligible to apply for jobs. Perhaps you’re wondering whether a job application is a better idea than a college application. Is it still worth earning a bachelor’s degree when skilled labor jobs abound? College is worth it if you’re looking for high-paying jobs soon after graduating. Even though it may be expensive, scholarships and grants can help you afford a degree.

Are you graduating from high school soon? Keep reading if you’re debating whether to attend college or get a job. This article will provide information to help you decide whether college is worth investing your time and money into in 2023 and beyond. By the end, you’ll find it easier to choose.

Enhances Competitiveness

Undergraduate degrees make you more competitive in a highly competitive job market. According to educational data, 2.038 million undergraduates earned bachelor’s degrees in 2020. The data also shows that undergraduates have grown by 2.8% annually since 2000.

Access to More Jobs

There are more lucrative job opportunities available to undergraduates than to non-graduates. Bachelor’s degrees open doors to rewarding career opportunities in various industries that may not have been accessible otherwise. They equip students with a university degree to gain analytical, communication, and other valuable skills.

Increased Job Contentment

An undergraduate education contributes to career satisfaction by providing more on-the-job perks. Furthermore, upskilling and advancing your career always result in higher salaries and lucrative benefits that lead to greater job satisfaction. With the right skillsets developed during studies, you can quickly switch jobs.

Maintaining Economic Stability

There is a far lesser likelihood of students without college degrees finding well-paying jobs than those with college degrees. You gain job-ready skillsets by earning a bachelor’s degree. These skills allow individuals to maintain economic stability and job security. Today’s labor market offers a greater variety of well-paying jobs for undergraduates.

A Better Quality of Life

You’ve probably seen several anti-smoking ads and know the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. Post-secondary education, however, takes this understanding to heart and reduces smoking by 15%. It is an excellent reason to pursue your undergraduate studies.

Opportunities to Network

As an undergraduate, you will meet professors, other students, university staff, and professionals in your field. The benefits of expanding your network include learning about potential careers, developing essential skills, and receiving helpful advice from mentors.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Graduating with your diploma is a significant achievement; you can be proud of yourself for overcoming challenges and becoming more assertive. With a bachelor’s degree, you will prove your capability and determination, giving you a sense of inner contentment and enabling you to become more confident in all aspects of your life, academically, professionally, and personally.

Expand Your Skill Set

As you earn a bachelor’s degree, you will gain a wealth of knowledge, learn new skills, develop creativity, build work ethics, and develop problem-solving abilities. Gaining an undergraduate degree will help you develop these crucial skills, which will help your career and personal life. Besides, with online study resources like Studocu, you can access quality study materials that enrich your learning experience and improve your skills.

Enhance Your Employment Security

An employer is less likely to lay you off if you have a bachelor’s degree, even during a recession. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that people with bachelor’s degrees have an unemployment rate of just 5.5%, compared to 7.1% with associate degrees and 9.0% with high school diplomas. Undergraduate education can significantly enhance your job security.

Follow Your Passions

With a bachelor’s degree, you can learn and apply your knowledge in an area you love the most. No matter what you’re passionate about, colleges and universities offer a wide range of bachelor’s programs so that you can devote yourself to your passions. Bachelor’s degrees provide opportunities to explore new passions.


You can still succeed with a high school diploma alone – some of the most successful entrepreneurs who didn’t attend or complete college became big one day. However, you can still get more jobs and earn more with a bachelor’s degree. 

Do you still have second thoughts about going to college in 2023? Before you make your final decision, take your time to weigh the pros and cons of getting a bachelor’s degree versus an entry-level job with a high school diploma.



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