Students are the ones who are involved in part-time jobs to a great extent. Besides students, many other people who are working full time also work part-time on weekends. There are many jobs that a person could perform along with their full-time jobs and college studies. The qualifications and other requirements related to these jobs are also not so high. Only minimum graduate and some special skills required for the job are enough.

Working part-time makes a person busy and thus helps them in keeping away the negativity. Unfortunately, several people work in the evening time only to keep themselves busy. Nowadays, people have options to work on many online jobs such as content writing and freelancing. These jobs enhance the writing skills of the worker and also pays a considerable amount. People finding part time jobs for college student in houston should consider making their profiles on online job apps.

  • Freelancing

Freelancer is a website that offers many jobs for the ones who are skilled in any field. People working as writers on freelancers may need to write web content required for blogs, Instagram posts, different web pages, and product descriptions. Besides this, many people also require scriptwriters for their YouTube videos. Many other writers such as copywriters, content writers, creative writing, and article writers are also in demand on freelancers.

Requirement: good knowledge of the language and basic computer skills such as Word and Excel.  Besides, this experience in writing is also considered largely when finding a writer on freelancer.

Salary: salary of a freelance writer can vary from $20 to $200 per 1000 words. The salary would vary according to writing pattern and the country from where you belong to. Your clients for whom you are working, their website, and their success rate are considered in your salary.

  • Completing Other’s Homework

This may sound very inappropriate, but you could easily find several jobs where you could complete other students’ homework. Anyone who is good in a subject and can easily solve the questions related to that subject can work as a subject matter expert.  Before working as a subject matter expert, you should check the reliability of the platform and the endpoint of your homework. The requirements for this job are very basic, which is knowledge related to your subject.

Requirement: the basic requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree in any specification. Good grades in your academic period and accuracy in your home works.

Salary: the salary of this job depends on the task you have solved and the subject you have chosen. But on average, you could get 16 dollars off per hour as your salary. The training period of this job is not so large, as they only hire subject matter experts.

  • Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are the famous kind of jobs on freelancers and other websites. Anybody could easily do a data entry job from their home with having basic computer knowledge. You may need to enter data in an excel sheet or word, and the topic could be anything. Sometimes you need to enter data related to an image and clarifying all the details related to it. Keeping a record of annual income spending and salary is also comes under data entry.

Requirement: the candidate must have a high school diploma or any other degree equivalent to it. Basic computer knowledge with good typing speed is mandatory for the job. Language skills, especially writing skills in the English language, also come as a necessary condition for the job.

Salary: you could easily work on the job as much as you want, and the salary could range from $5 to $25 per hour. Depending on the type of work you are doing and the company you have chosen for working, your salary can vary.

  • Lawn Mowing

This is a great job for the summer season as you could also enjoy the beautiful weather along with your job. The tasks that need to be performed are cutting the extra grass and flower beds from the floor. You could get the help of a riding mower or a mowing machine. The task is very simple, and anybody connected to nature would love to perform it the whole day. Job timing could vary according to your preference, but you must work at least 5 hours per week.

Requirement: basic knowledge of agriculture such as applying fertilizers and manures. Good manual strength in the individual for working the whole day in different weather conditions. Physical strength is necessary, and stamina is also a mandatory factor for the job.

Salary: the salary of a loan mower is around 19 dollars per hour on average. But this salary can vary according to the size of the loan and the type of work you have to do. Also, the timings affect the salary, the more time you work, the more you will get paid.

  • Social Media Manager

Social media is on great hype, and many people are earning considerable through their social media. Some are working as social media influencers, whereas some are working as social media handlers. Working as a social media manager is not too tough; the only requirement is to manage the individual’s social media. For example, you would have to post and apply stories at the proper time. Commenting, replying to comments, and replying to messages and likes are other types of social media managers.

Requirements: basic requirement of this job is to have and trust in social media and active social media account. Anyone who doesn’t have an active social media account is considered off on social media, and their chances of getting the job become less. So an active and growing social media is the essential thing.

Salary: salary of a social media manager is considerable, and they get paid around $16 per hour. They could easily work for 5 to 6 hours a day as the task is not so hassling, and youngsters love to handle social media.



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