On Wednesday, a newly revealed game developer studio called Drama posted a trailer for its debut title, an upcoming first-person shooter called Unrecord. The trailer showcased in-game engine gameplay from the modern-day shooter, with some impressive photo-realistic environments and graphics. So naturally, many people who saw the trailer labeled it as “fake”.

In order to prove otherwise, one of Drama’s team members, Alexandre Spindler, posted a video today on his Twitter account. It shows the same environment we saw in Wednesday’s Unrecord trailer, but running inside the Unreal Engine development tools. We even see the video go into “no clip” mode, moving through walls and objects in the game’s level, Spindler has some fun with this post, stating, “For those who thought Unrecord was fake or a video, sorry.”

The game itself not only looks impressive, but it sounds like it’s also going to take the FPS genre in a couple of new directions. The game will center on body cam–based footage of the player character, who will be a tactical police officer trying to solve a mystery. It appears there will also be some moral choices that players will have to make in the game which could affect its outcome.

Drama is a small game studio, so it’s likely we won’t be getting our hands on Unrecord for a while. However, both Wednesday’s trailer and today’s dev footage make us want to check this game out even more. You can learn more about Unrecord by visiting Drama’s official website, and you can also wishlist the game on Steam.


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