TN panels are usually faster than their counterparts. Twisted nematic or TN panels are considerably more popular than IPS screen technology. If you ask any professional gamer, Which one is the better one between the two displays? It is most certain that they will favour the TN panel. But, why is that? Why most of the pro gamers and even tech reviewers mostly recommend TN panel over their nemesis for gaming.

Below we will go through the different features of these display panels and will discuss the main differences between the two displays in accordance to the gaming environment.

What Is an IPS Panel?

IPS  Panels look beautiful and more modern when compared to TN panels. Most of the IPS panels come with edge-to-edge displays which are more immersive while playing games. IPS monitors are known for better colours and viewing angles.

With much better colour accuracy and brightness IPS panels are a good choice for any gamer who does not compete in professional gaming tournaments. Due to their excellent viewing angles, you can play games on this gaming monitor from almost any angle. So, if you play games with your friends then the IPS display panels are a great choice.

If you view an IPS panel from the side, you will still be able to see the picture in very good quality as opposed to the TN panel, where the quality and colour of the display decreases the wider you go.

The blacks are true and the contrast is better in IPS panels, thus giving you more realistic images and gameplay. Overall, the IPS display is much more immersive, looks sleek, and has better colours. Then, why do most professional gamers buy a TN display over an IPS display?

The reason is, the price and faster response time.

TN vs IPS Monitors: The Differences

As we are familiar with all the panels and also with their workings.Now, let’s see what’s  the difference between TN and IPS?

TN monitors are good for limited angels but if we talk about the side angels they are not that much good.TN panels struggle while providing clarity from side angels but they are good at displaying motions.

IPS monitors  are for those gamers who are not interested in  playing online games with other online gamers. IPS monitors have good colour effect as  it provides Vivid colours and also provides clarity while viewing from all angles.

Both the monitors have positive as well as negative points that means the monitor which suits you might be not good for the next gamer.

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Response Time

Response time is actually the reaction time of your monitor.Faster response time will give you the best gaming experiences.

Response time is actually  how fast your monitor can deal with  the gaming comfort  of your PC. The less  response time will give you the best gaming experiences.Most of  the competitive gamers like the monitors having less response time i.e 1 millisecond.


If we compare TN monitors  with IPS monitors,it all depends on the type of the gamers.TN monitors are best for the competitive gamers or for the gamers who play online games and IPS monitors are for those who love  to play multiplayer battles with their friends sitting next to him.IPS monitors provide good visual effects with vivid colours.

Final word

As we have already concluded, TN monitors are the best option for the competitive gamers where each second matters and IPS monitors are best for the gamers who love visual effects and provide clarity from every angle of the screen.

I hope this information clarifies all your doubts regarding this topic.


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