Criminal record checks are essential for small business owners who want to prevent thefts and other losses on their premises. You can find such a company on the internet by searching. Alternatively, you can ask your local library or community center for a list of companies that provide such services. Here are the top best services for criminal background checks. 


Truthfinder is a people search engine that helps you find out the truth about someone. It is the best criminal background check. Easy to use and accesses the entire FBI database, which allows you to know if someone has a record of assaulting someone with domestic violence. It can also tell you if they have a history of fraud or any other type of crime that might make them untrustworthy.


Furthermore, Truthfinder lets you search for people in your social circle. You can find out who your friends have dated before and whether they have a criminal record. It is beneficial if you’re trying to find out who committed an act of violence.



It searches public records and other sources to determine whether someone has a criminal record. Companies use it to screen job applicants, landlords to screen tenants, government agencies to screen employees, and everyone else.


It is good at finding criminal records because the search engine searches many different sources. For instance, it uses court records, arrest reports, jail booking information, sex offender registries, public records databases, and more. Also, it searches for people with aliases or other variations of their names.


Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is among the most used criminal background check services in the United States. You can determine whether someone is safe to hire or date based on their criminal history and sex offender registry information.


It can determine whether someone is in jail, charged, or convicted. Also, you can use it to find out if someone has been accused of a crime but not convicted and what happened to the defendant.


By using Instant Checkmate, you’ll get real-time results for all 50 states. It’s fast, easy to use, and doesn’t need any personal information from you. All you need is their name and location!


First Advantage

If you are planning to hire a new employee, you should perform a personal criminal background check. It is essential to know if the person has a record of any crimes and what offenses they have committed. You can learn about the person’s past by accessing their criminal records.


Some employers are uncomfortable asking about criminal histories when hiring employees. However, interviewers should discuss this during the process. Although, It can be problematic if you don’t ask about the person’s past and later find out they have committed a crime.


If you want someone who will fit your company’s culture, they should have no criminal convictions. There is no way to predict how an employee will respond to similar situations at work when convicted of committing a crime in the past.



Using PeopleLooker, companies can make informed hiring decisions based on background checks.


While many companies provide background checks, PeopleLooker’s competitive edge lies in its ability to provide insight into an individual’s personality. It is as essential as their criminal history. They analyze how an applicant interacts with others and their communication style. It helps employers understand if someone will be a good fit for their team and culture.



Its background check is a fast and easy way to help you find the best candidates for your job. You can find your interviewee’s criminal record in minutes if they have one.


It helps companies find qualified candidates that fit the company culture. The team at GoodHire conducts thorough and comprehensive background checks, including checking criminal history, employment history, and education history.



The Intelius website is an excellent resource for conducting background checks. The site is easy to navigate and provides you with the necessary information.


It has several different pricing options depending on your needs. Besides your name and address, you can also enter your date of birth and social security number. The more information you provide, the higher your price tag will be. Creating an account lets you save your searches for future use if you conduct many background checks on many individuals.


It is a good option for a quick background check on someone’s name and address. Online options provide more comprehensive reports at lower prices if you’re looking for more.



PeopleFinders is a popular background check service that allows you to search for the details of people’s criminal histories. It’s important to note that this service has no connection with any government agency, so its information comes from the court and public records.


You can use PeopleFinders to find out if someone is in jail, convicted, or has had their license revoked by a state agency. You can also use it to see if they have outstanding warrants or have been charged with a crime but have not received a conviction yet.


It’s possible to get your report from PeopleFinders if you’re concerned about someone using against you or someone who might be stalking you.

Get an Instant Best Background Check

Online background checks are a great way to pre-screen the reports they provide. Researching on your own will give you the information, but it will not be as accurate or fast as an online background check. You can search through piles of documents yourself or use a free online tool that provides up-to-date information on criminal records.



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