Magento is an online e-commerce platform where digital business owners run their online stores. It is a well-known and trusted platform due to its multi-functional features and seamless support. There are tons of options for e-commerce stores. It has built-in as well as third-party extensions for the ease of users and developers. However, it is essential to note that making a professional-looking and user-friendly e-commerce store over Magento is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Professional developers offer their services for creating up-to-the-mark e-commerce web stores over Magento or Magento 2. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses have shifted to selling their products online. That’s why there is an ever-growing need for professionals and digital solution providers for services such as Magento development. In this short article, we will let you know some of the top e-commerce solutions providing companies that are known for Magento development in NYC.


Following are a few of the leading companies known for Magento development in New York City.


  1. Blue Fountain Media
  2. Konstant Infosolutions
  3. Big Drop Inc.
  4. Huemor Designs


1.    Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is one of the most reliable and top e-commerce solution providing companies located in Manhattan, New York. They were adjudged as one of the leading Magento developers for the year 2016. They offer the design and development of Magento e-commerce stores on open source platforms such as Magento. Besides this, they also provide different IT solutions such as digital marketing, website optimization, etc. Blue Fountain Media delivers excellent Magento development services and other IT solutions.


2.    Konstant Infosolutions

This innovative IT solution providing company is known for creating excellent custom web designs and attractive e-commerce stores for business owners around the globe. For hosting and developing e-commerce stores, professionals at Konstant Infosolutions use Magento as an open-source platform. This New York City-based company offers Magento development and hosting in affordable subscriptions. Besides this, they offer a lot of extensions and add-ons as perks for the services.


3.    Big Drop Inc.

Located in New York City, Big Drop Inc is a leading Web development and information technology solution providing company. They have professionals that have adequate knowledge of the logistical aspects of hosting e-commerce stores over the World Wide Web. Adjudged as one of the top e-commerce development companies of the year 2016, Big Drop Inc is known for providing innovative IT and e-commerce solutions for local businesses owners. They offer Magento web hosting and other open-source web development solutions. Moreover, they offer features that can make your business run seamlessly.


4.    Huemor Designs

Adjudged as one of the best and leading firms in the Magento web design and development in 2016, Huemor Designs is a boutique agency known to build everything from online blogs to e-commerce stores. For providing e-commerce development services, Huemor Designs have chosen the open-source platform Magento to offer the best possible service at affordable rates. They provide the installation for different features for ease in catalogs and shopping carts. Moreover, they offer the optimization of online stores as well as other e-commerce solutions.


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