Microsoft continues to add small but interesting new features for people who access its Bing Chat chatbot services. Today, the official Bing blog was updated to indicate that two features that have been under testing are now available for all Bing Chat users.



The first of these two new additions is the integration of Bing Chat in the Microsoft Launcher app for Android devices. This was previously added to the beta version of the app. Now the stable version of Microsoft Launcher has included Bing Chat which allows Android smartphones to add it to their home screen. Microsoft Launcher is available to download from the Google Play Store.



The other new addition is one that, again, has been in testing with a small group of users for a while now. If you are having a conversation with Bing Chat about a subject on your desktop PC, but need to leave your computer, you can now continue the chat on your mobile device.

The new feature puts a “Continue on phone” icon on the upper right corner of your last Bing Chat conversation. Clicking on that icon will bring up a QR code. Then all you have to do is bring your smartphone to the PC monitor and use the phone’s camera to display the QR code. The phone should then generate a link that you can tap to launch the mobile Bing app, where you can continue the Bing Chat conversation where you left it on the PC.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft added access to Bing Chat for all users of Google’s Chrome web browser. We are still awaiting full access to the service on other third-party browsers like Apple’s Safari. Microsoft also recently started testing a new No Search option for Bing Chat with a small percentage of users.


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