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    I think I had the same problem with the ugly highlighted window titles as well. It was easy to fix: just go to Control Panel -> Personalization -> from the bottom row functions, choose Colour -> doesn’t really matter which colour you choose here, just make sure the first slider that controls the darkness of the colours is all the way to the left. This makes the background colour for the titles turn transparent and only leaves the white caption texts in display. Hope this helps.

    I’m running Win8.1 too and didn’t get the alternate Start menu, however I wasn’t expecting it to change as I don’t have any mods for that installed (I thought you need StartIsBack or similar for that).

    Otherwise 5/5 for glitchless perfection and prettiness, works like a charm, thank you!

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    So the problems I’ve seen with all of these are 1. no support for really high res displays, 2. the titles of windows are highlighted all the time for some reason, and 3. on windows 8.1 the start button does not change.

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      can you show a screen shoot


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