Visit to Beautiful Dubai Frame and Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai is a land of beautiful tourist attractions in the world. People from all over the world plan to spend their vacations in Dubai. Along with tourists, commercial travelers often visit this city due to its strong business position in the UAE. These travelers sometimes visit those places that provide a calm and serene effect. If you want to see a unique place in Dubai, you should hire a car from any professional Rent A Car Dubai company and go to visit Dubai’s beautiful frame and Jumeirah Mosque.

Many families, who spend their vacations in Dubai, visit a place providing deep knowledge of history along with recreation. Dubai Frame is one of such places in which you can enjoy as well as learn. Learning with entertainment is the best combination ever. Even many schools in the UAE take their history students on a trip to Dubai Frame so that they can learn in a better way. Jumeirah Mosque is another place that is highly visited by foreigners. The uniqueness of this mosque is that it is not only opened for Muslims but also welcomes non-muslims.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is one of the architectural masterpieces constructed in 2013. This biggest ever frame of the world has been built up with more than 9,900 cubic meters of concrete, laminated glass, and many tons of steel. It is 93 meters wide with a height of 150 meters. Its administration allows only 200 tourists to visit it at the same time.

Its magnificent vertical rectangular balanced design cladded in gold stainless steel will enthrall you once when you visit it. If you are going to Dubai for exploring every area along with these two, you should avail car lease services as your stay is long.

How can you enjoy the Dubai Frame?

Tourists can enjoy the Dubai Frame by exploring the historical monuments and documents present in the museum and gallery of the Mezzanine Floor. On this floor, you can learn about history through visual, and audio presentations. Moreover, Mezzanine Floor contains ‘Virtual Metropolis’ that provide you guidance through the stimulation of a ‘vortex tunnel’ and predictions of experts for future growth.

If you want to see multimedia exhibitions of the past of Dubai, you have to go to SkyDeck Level i.e., the upper portion of Frame. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole city from this floor. This level contains a featured clear crystal-like glass floor. You will feel like you are roaming around in a vacuum because this clear crystal floor is at the height of 150 meters from the ground. Along with these things, there is a cafe and a souvenir shop. So, you can also eat and shop in the Dubai Frame.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is made up of white stones and styled according to the traditional architecture of Medieval time. Its glistening blue and white glasses make it unique from others. Jumeirah Mosque consists of two minarets and five domes, of which one is central large surrounded by four smaller domes. The muezzin calls for prayers at the balcony of the minaret five times a day. This mosque has an accommodation capacity of 1200 persons in separate worshiping sections for men and women.

Why do people visit Jumeirah Mosque?

People from far off areas come to visit this mosque to inculcate religious and moral values in their family. Some non-muslims also plan a trip to this mosque to observe the religious and ethical codes followed by other worshippers. You will surely enjoy your trip to this mosque due to its cool sitting area.

If you want to know the basic knowledge about 5 pillars of Islam, we suggest you to plan a trip to this mosque. You can learn the complete code of Islam by staying in Dubai. During your long term stay, you can choose car lease services from the automobile rentals.

Enjoy your trip to the most beautiful spots like Dubai Frame and Jumeirah Mosque by taking a car from Rent A Car Dubai service providers.


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