MacBooks have more or less become quintessential and we understand why. They used to be these premium devices only few could afford and now they have become these high end devices that you can find almost everywhere. They are not only accessible but have also retained every single shred of their prestige, which has made them great devices for everyone.

Now, when you are talking about a MacBook, after all, it can malfunction too, however, unlike other companies, Apple makes it a bit more difficult for others to access the MacBook and make modifications or change things.

Now, do you really need to go to the official MacBook service centre to get things sorted? That is the main question. The thing is that if your MacBook is still in warranty, Apple Care is the best way to go on about. However, if you have run out of Apple Care, you should look for a good repair service.

However, we are here to look at some simple ways you can make your MacBook faster and last longer as well. This is something that we all need to know and most of these can also apply to your Windows-based laptops, so you really do not have to worry about wasting money.

Keep a Track of The Temps

First things first, if you are looking to be certain that your MacBook is running in the best possible way, you should keep a track of the temps because that will give you a good idea about what you are dealing with. Now, I understand that you can immediately figure it out if your laptop is running hotter, but there is a threshold that you have to keep in mind and anything above that is going to be danger. So, keep a track of the temps and if that is the case, get your MacBook checked so you know there is no throttling that is taking place.

Keeping Up to Date

Believe it or not, software updates are way more important than one might think. In many instances, if you are not updating your software, you are only going to find yourself in a situation where you might run into some issues.

Now, as far as software updates are concerned, if your MacBook has just received the update, I would highly advise that you check the changelog. Then go over to forums and start reading forum posts to figure out if those who have updated are facing any issues or not or is the update safe from any bugs that might be in the way.

This is to be sure that you are not updating to a buggier software because that is one thing that we all want to avoid. Once you are done figuring it out, you can just go ahead and update to whatever software version you want to go with. It is safer that you are doing that since it is a lot more convenient than you might think.

Upgrading Your Storage

Now, this is not something that everyone is going to have to go through but if you are running a laptop that is still using an older and slower storage device, then it might be the time to upgrade the storage device. Now, as opposed to Windows based laptops, MacBooks are a bit peculiar as far as the supported drives are concerned.

This only means that when you are trying to move to an SSD or something else, you will have to be careful as to what storage device you are going to choose because again, you don’t want to choose something that is not going to work because that is a waste of money and your time, too. If you are not sure what storage device does your laptop take, simply hand it over to someone who is a professional and they will help you figure that out.

Regular Maintenance And Servicing

This is largely for people who have used their MacBooks beyond the warranty period and are not worried about having it opened by someone other than Apple. Our devices need servicing and that is an important thing to note.

Now, servicing here does not mean that we are asking you to take apart your device and put it back together. However, we are definitely asking you to regularly maintain it and get it cleaned up. This normally includes a combination of hardware and software refreshes that your laptop will go through and you will not have to stress much, either.

Just be sure that the company that is servicing your MacBook is good so you do not end up in any trouble as far as the experience is concerned because let’s be honest, we don’t want to be paying heavily for something as simple as a laptop repair.


MacBooks are amazing and while they have become a lot more accessible in the past couple of years, for the large part and for a lot of people, these are still expensive for people Therefore, those who do buy them want to take care of them in the best possible way and ensure that nothing goes wrong.

But hey, your MacBook is largely built like a laptop and this means that most of the malfunctions that you might face could also be the same that a normal laptop yuser would face. This only means that one should always be in the right hands if they are looking to get their MacBook serviced or else you might have to pay heavily for the damages or issues that you might run into at a later stage.

MacBook repairs are not going to be exclusively expensive either. If the problem is small, you will be asked to pay a smaller price. So, if you are expecting that you will be asked to pay an equivalent of an actual laptop in price, then that is not going to be the case unless there is a specific hardware fault that requires more than just servicing or basic repair.


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