The Google-owned navigation app Waze has announced two driving experiences its users can try this holiday season. One of them is called Spicy Gingerbread Man which Waze is selling as “1% sweet, 99% spice, and 100% the most entertaining guest.”

This Gingerbread Man is a sassy sweetie with fresh-baked opinions about the holidays and everything that’s wrong with them. He’s 1% sweet, 99% spice, and 100% the most entertaining guest at any wintertime get-together. Choose Snappy as your Mood and drive in your custom Slay Ride for the sweetest ride this season.

Spicy Gingerbread Man is voiced by Matty Maggiacomo, who is a professional fitness coach and instructor at Peloton. Apart from that, Waze is bringing back its Santa Claus experience to the app, where you can pick the Santa mood and his signature Sleigh as the car icon.

Santa Claus is back in town — and on Waze — with his “ho-ho-hos,” commentary on hazards ahead, and good tidings for all. His voice navigation will make any drive (to the supermarket, mall, work or your in-laws) a more holly jolly ride.

Waze driving experiences are temporary digital events that are typically tied to holidays and popular culture. They are usually a combination of a special guest voice for navigation, a custom mood, and a car icon that replaces the default blue arrow.

To activate a driving experience in the Waze app, tap on the hamburger menu button in the top left corner then tap on the special driving experience banner. You can choose to activate all or some features of a driving experience in Waze, such as only the navigation voice.

Speaking of custom voices, Waze added the voice of tennis legend Roger Federer to its app earlier this year. The navigation app also displays crash history alerts when a driver is about to approach a crash-prone section on their route.


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