Over the past couple of years, the online gambling industry has evolved significantly. And even though it was obvious that the entire gambling world was placing more accent on the online player and the future that awaits in the virtual world, other factors contributed to the fact that online playing became the main point of interest for operators across the globe. 


To start with, online operators started catching up with all technological trends so it attracted more online players than ever before. Additionally, after the global pandemic began, all those who visited land-based casinos decided to give online gambling a chance. All these factors resulted in a quicker expansion of the online gambling industry and plenty of novelties in both 2020 and 2021. So, naturally, a lot more is expected to happen in 2022. And in this article, we’ll explore all the new things that we can expect from the gambling industry in the year ahead. 

Cryptocurrency In Online Casinos

The trend of cryptocurrencies becoming available in online casinos isn’t a complete novelty. There are already many operators who allow players to make a deposit by using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies. But, it’s expected that in 2022, even more sites will add this option as one of the available payment methods. Unlike before, now many more players know that what are the advantages of using cryptocurrencies when making a deposit or withdrawal online. The blockchain technology that is behind cryptocurrencies enables players to make an instant transaction in the safest possible way.

Gambling Is Becoming Legal In Other Countries Worldwide



The proof that the gambling industry is only at the beginning of its expansion is the number of countries that have completely legalized online casinos and sports betting. The importance of legalization of online casinos and sportsbook is as important for the operators as it is for the players. Legal online casinos provide a completely safe environment where players don’t need to worry about leaving their personal and bank information. The reason why is because different gambling authorities supervise all operations on these legal websites, making them completely safe for players to visit and make a payment. Nowadays, we have more legal online casinos that offer the best bonuses than ever before. And it’s expected that in 2022 even more countries will join in. This means that making a safe deposit will become a reality for players worldwide. In this way, players from different countries will be able to enjoy only the best £10 deposit casinos with bonus promotions and other trustworthy operators that only offer top-notch casino games and the most reliable payment methods. So far, one of the biggest markets that have opened its doors to online casinos is the USA, and it’s expected that in 2022 more states in the US will legalize online gambling activities. In this way, players can benefit from legal online operators, without risking their money on unverified sites. 

Expansion of Esport Betting

When all other industries came to a halt, Esports betting flourished. And it proved to be one of the most promising branches of the gambling industry. Online gaming and different gaming tournaments have been expanding over the past decade, and the gaming community has always shown great interest in placing bets on these events. However, in 2020 and 2021, betting on E-sports became popular even among fans of traditional sports betting. Now, Esports is so sought-after that there are even courses that you can take. It’s expected that in 2022 there will be even more eSports tournaments, therefore, more betting opportunities for those who like to see the best gamers show off their skills. 

VR and AR Gambling

VR and AR technology is taking over the world. The recent statement made by Mark Zuckerberg about the future of Metaverse has only confirmed that VR games are the future. And it seems that more and more online operators agree with this fact. Therefore, VR casino games will most likely become the main focus of various online operators in 2022, especially for those who like to be the first ones to make it possible for their players to enjoy the latest trends.


In 2022 the gambling industry will bring more novelties than ever before, and we predict a really exciting year for all those who enjoy online casino games and sports bets. It’s possible that we will see other interesting trends that will bring the gambling experience to another level.


Kaitlyn Butler is a content writer that has dedicated her career to writing informative articles about the iGaming industry. Kaitlyn fascination with the growing iGaming market often results in helpful articles, that many casino and sports betting fans read on a daily level. In her spare time, Kaitlyn spends in the great outdoors with her dogs or searching for the best new online operators. 


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