As a rule, paid business programs are not distributed for free and their use requires payment of a license agreement. However, there are several resources on the Internet where you can download some paid business software for free. And we have compiled a list of the most popular sites where you can download your favorite programs and absolutely free. These sites are safe and you will not need to pay anything here. All files here are freely available for every visitor. 

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites in the world that provides access to many different categories of torrent files and programs. Among these categories, you can also find programs for business. At the pirate bay proxy list sites, you can find a lot of programs that can be useful for business. For example, here you can find various programs for project management, programs for creating and editing documents, programs for accounting, and much more. This site is also filled not only with various programs for business but also here you can download various movies, serials, music, videos, books, and much more. The content of the site is updated daily and so, here you can see even the newest movies and applications. 


Softonic is a powerful program that gives the user access to a huge collection of software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. The program allows users to safely and easily download and install applications on their devices.

Softonic offers a wide range of programs for working with text, images, video, and sound, as well as programs for working with the Internet, social networks, photo processing, file management, and much more.

The Softonic program has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to find and install the necessary application. In addition, Softonic ensures download security by checking all programs for viruses and other malicious elements.

Another advantage of Softonic is the ability to automatically update installed applications. This means that users can be sure that all applications on their devices will always be running the latest version and will have the latest features.

Softonic also provides the user with a convenient way to search for new apps. The user can type the name of the application in the search bar or select the desired category to find the desired application. Softonic also provides detailed app reviews and ratings so that the user can make an informed choice.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager (FDM) is a freeware tool that speeds up your downloads from the Internet. It gives the user the ability to download files from any website, including torrent files and video hosting sites. FDM is a great choice for those who frequently download files from the Internet and want to reduce the download time.

One of the main features of FDM is to speed up file downloads. The program uses multiple streams to download a file at the same time, which can increase the download speed by several times. In addition, FDM has an integrated download manager that allows you to pause, resume and manage downloads.

FDM also supports torrent file downloads. This means that the user can download files from torrent sites using FDM instead of a separate torrent client. The program has a built-in torrent client that allows you to view information about torrent files, select files to download, and manage downloads.

FDM also has a bandwidth management feature. The user can set a download and upload speed limit for each download to avoid downloading all available Internet traffic.



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