Nowadays, the Internet is filled with various gambling platforms providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy card games, table games, play slots online in the US, Australia, European countries, and generally worldwide.

If you’re new to the casino industry, you’re probably wondering what games you should start with and which ones are the easiest to learn at online casinos. This article will answer all these questions and hint at the easiest and most exciting games to play to win big jackpots.

As a rule, if you can use a strategy during the game, it will give you a better chance of winning rather than playing a game without any strategy at all. Fortunately, the online casino industry features some games with genuinely uncomplicated strategies and rules. Therefore, we bring to your attention three games where you can successfully use the easiest strategies. From the article, you will also learn about some online casino games where the chances of winning increase by using more advanced strategies during the play.

The Best Games with Simple Strategies and Rules


The best roulette strategy has no connection with your bets at the table. Once you choose a table to play roulette, all bets basically have the same advantage in the casino.

So, when you play roulette, the best strategy is to choose the best table. The best table to play roulette is the one that uses French rules. Such tables are not available in all casinos, so the second best option is a table that uses European roulette rules.

French and European roulette tables use a wheel with 37 cells, whereas American roulette has 38 cells. If you see a Roulette table with a wheel with more than 37 cells, it’s better not to gamble on it. If you stick to the usual equal money betting options, the casino advantage is lower on a French wheel table than on a European one.


Baccarat is the easiest game to learn for first-time players, especially if you want to play with a low casino advantage. Also, the strategy in Baccarat is the easiest and consists of always betting on the banker and making the minimum amount of bets allowed.

You should always make the minimum betting amount because if you play Baccarat long enough on a large amount, you will lose, while making the small bets can reduce your losses.

Players tend to win in the short term while playing any casino game; speaking about the long-term gaming process, you will only lose because that’s how casino advantage works.

Betting on the banker is the best strategy because this bet has more casino advantage than it does when you bet on a draw or player. Of course, the casino takes a commission when you win a banker bet, but it is still a better bet than the other options. You don’t have to worry about the commission or how the game is played because the casino takes care of it.


At first glance, Craps doesn’t look like an easy game, but the best strategy for playing craps is very uncomplicated. You should ignore all available bets at the craps table except for two or three options. If you want the best chance of winning, you only need to place two bets:

  • Bet on the non-passable line;
  • Bet on odds.

If you don’t like the non-passing line bet, you can place a pass line bet, and odds bet instead. The casino will have a little more advantage in such a case, but the difference will not be that big.

Similar to playing Baccarat, you need to place the minimum bet on the non-passing line the table allows. But when you bet on the odds, you need to bet as much as the casino provides if you have enough money for this. The reason is that the casino still has an advantage, but betting on the odds doesn’t give the casino an advantage.


Using the strategies mentioned above, the casino advantage will range from 1% to 2%, assuming you found a French roulette table. At the European roulette table, the casino advantage is slightly higher. Meanwhile, Craps and Baccarat have a casino advantage of less than 1.5%

Many casino table games have a 3% to 5% advantage, which is two or three times more than the games described above. Some slot machines have an advantage of 10% or higher, while some specific bets available in the casino, such as some internal craps bets, have an advantage of 11% or even higher.

Before you start with a game on the online site, you need to inquire first if there is any technique you can use. You cannot solely rely on your luck to win at the casino; if the game has no strategy, we do not advise you to play it unless you just want to have fun.

If you want to win more frequently, you should use strategies whenever possible. If you don’t want to use them, don’t bother and just have fun playing slot games.

Bonus Game

Now you’re familiar with the three best casino games that you can play using a simple strategy, and it’s time for a bonus game that’s a bit more complicated but interesting and worth your attention. This game belongs to the video poker category and is called Deuces Wild.

The good news about video poker games is that the casino advantage will be 0.5% or even less with the best strategy.

The best video poker strategy on the Deuces Wild game example:

How to play Deuces Wild with deuces? 

  • If you’re dealt with four deuces, leave all your cards because you won’t get anything better than that.
  • If you’re dealt three twos, leave the cards for Royal Flush or Five of Kind. Otherwise, leave only two deuces.
  • If you’re dealt two deuces, leave any combination starting with Four of Kind or higher. Also, leave any four cards for Royal Flush. Otherwise, fold everything except deuce cards.
  • If you’re dealt one deuce, leave any paying combination, folding only if you have four cards for Royal Flush. Also, leave four cards for Straight Flush and three cards for Royal Flush. If there are no such options, fold all except the deuce.

How to play Deuces Wild without deuces? 

  • Leave all the payable combinations. You can split them only if you have four cards for Royal Flush.
  • Keep four cards for Straight Flush.
  • Keep three cards for Royal Flush.
  • Leave any pair (leave two pairs only in those rare game variations where Full House pays as Four of Kind).
  • Leave four cards for Flush.
  • Leave any two cards of the same suit: 10, J, Q, or K.
  • If you’re not dealt with any of the above, feel free to fold all five cards and pick up new ones.


The strategies you use always give the best chance of winning when you play roulette, craps, Baccarat, or poker. They are easy to understand and implement into your gameplay. The rules and strategies of the games mentioned above are so straightforward that you can learn them within a few minutes.

When you compare casino games where you can use strategy to games where you can’t, you quickly realize that non-strategic games take your money much faster. Likewise, by learning simple strategies, you can start mastering games that require more skill, and soon you will become a pro at online casino games.


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