Cricket is a highly popular sport, played all around the world, and followed by a whopping 2.5 billion fans. In fact, it’s the second-most popular sport we play today, despite having an unfortunate (and inaccurate) reputation as being rather dull.

Some of the world’s most ardent cricket-loving nations include the likes of the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, and the West Indies. However, the sport is also finding a foothold elsewhere, in countries as far apart as Kenya, the UAE, and the Netherlands.

It’s not just popular in real life, but also in the virtual world. Millions of cricket spectators eagerly take part in cricket betting online, hoping that their favourite team will do them proud and boost their bank balance.

There is also a whole host of cricket-themed video games for fans of the sport to try their hands at, including the likes of Big Bash Boom, Ashes Cricket, Brian Lara International, World Cricket Champions, and Cricket Captain.

But what about games that aren’t specifically cricket-focused? Can you still enjoy some of your favourite video games while introducing your passion for this historic sport at the same time? Read on to discover which popular games allow you to install cricket skin packs for your characters.


Over the last 11 years, since it was first released in 2011, Minecraft has become a videogame sensation, gaining 141 million players and selling 200 million copies globally as of May 2020.

As well as being available to play on PlayStations, mobile versions of Minecraft are also on offer, with full versions launched in 2016. There is also a plethora of Minecraft-themed merchandise fuelling its rise in popularity, from books and toys to Minecraft clothing.

If you’re a cricket fan who also just so happens to love playing Minecraft, then you may be pleased to hear that it’s possible to download Minecraft player skins designed by various creators. These skins are available in different colours and designs so you can pick the one that best suits your character.


Overwatch is another highly popular video game series, created by Blizzard Entertainment and Iron Galaxy. This futuristic first-person shooter game allows multiplayer teams to work together, completing specific objectives; it also includes various modes, including capture-the-flag and team deathmatch, which add extra thrills to proceedings. Overwatch quickly gained a following thanks to its exciting gameplay, vivid cartoon-style graphics, and diverse heroes.

In fact, Overwatch has become a big part of the esports industry, with teams of players vying against each other, and new additions to the game are eagerly awaited by its devoted players. In 2017, one of the hottest characters to appear in the game was none other than Cricket Junkrat, with his intimidating mask and machinery. He was dubbed one of the top 5 skins to look out for as part of Overwatch’s Summer Games event, along with BMX Reaper and the Widowmaker.

Sadly, Overwatch and Minecraft are among a very small number of non-cricket games which currently offer cricket skin packs; however, the prevalence of dedicated cricket video games of increasingly high calibre hopefully makes up for this short-fall.




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