Businesses are finding that social media marketing can be a powerful way to reach out to their customers. For larger companies, the logistics of managing this type of marketing can be difficult to keep up with. But for smaller businesses who have limited resources, it is much easier and less expensive. However, without knowing the differences in advertising between the different platforms, it can be easy to choose the wrong platform to advertise on for your specific business. Below is all the information you might need to help you decide which social media platform is best for marketing.


Most people think of Facebook as a social media platform to connect with friends and family. But what many businesses don’t know is that Facebook can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Facebook is an amazing marketing tool because it allows you to target your audience with incredible accuracy. You can drill down to the smallest detail, targeting people based on their interests, age, sex, relationship status, and more. This means that your marketing messages will reach the people who are most likely to be interested in them, resulting in better conversions and higher ROI.  If you’re not satisfied with how things are going on Facebook for you as a business, you can try some of the growth services to help you, and you can learn how to buy Facebook followers at Quantum Marketer. Facebook is free to use, so if you’re not already using it for your marketing efforts, you should start today.


Instagram is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now and boasts over 1 billion monthly users. For many businesses, an audience that size is reason enough to begin using the platform, but Instagram also offers a variety of options when it comes to marketing.

  • Ads as a Story – Instagram Stories are either photos or short videos that users can upload that can be viewed at the top of the home feed. A Story ad will look exactly like a regular Story, but will say sponsored, and will be shown to users who don’t follow you.
  • Ads as a post – Instagram also allows you to sponsor regular posts which will then be shown to users who don’t follow you, with call-to-action buttons to either visit your profile or website and more.
  • Carousel ads – Carousel ads work in the same way that sponsored posts do, except you can have a few photos or videos in one post that users can cycle through, which is helpful when advertising multiple products.


TikTok is another popular social media platform that has amassed around 689 million users around the globe and continues to climb. One of the reasons for the popularity the app has received is how organic and entertaining the content is, and as such, TikTok advertising options blend well within the content available on the platform.

  • In-feed ads – TikTok’s In-feed ads are very similar to Instagram’s promoted posts and appear as videos that look identical to a regular TikTok video. This means that if the video is organic and entertaining enough, users won’t even know that it is an
  • Brand takeover ads – These ads are much less organic, but are great for getting the content noticed. These ads will be displayed over the user’s entire screen as soon as the app is opened, as well as appearing on the “For You Page”.
  • Top view ads – Top view ads are a combination of in-feed ads and brand takeover ads as they are shown as the first In-feed post, which helps to make sure they are being shown to users.


Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms and is still very popular with businesses around the world, currently has around 186 million users globally. Twitter offers many different advertising options, so businesses have the benefit of a wide choice.

  • Promoted Accounts – Promoted accounts increase businesses exposure by showing users the account that is promoted in the search results, timelines, and Who to Follow suggestions. In other words, it will be difficult to not see an account that is being promoted.
  • Promoted Tweets – Promoted Tweets have as much reach as Promoted Accounts, but instead of an account showing up in the search results, on users’ profiles and timelines, a Tweet is shown instead. This is useful for targeting a specific audience since they will immediately see what an account is about based on the Tweet.
  • Promote Mode – Promote Mode is an option for businesses and brands that aren’t exactly sure what it is they should be promoting. This gives Twitter the ability to periodically promote either your profile or a Tweet, and all you have to do is select a target audience. This is useful for businesses that are new to the platform and don’t have time to worry about promoting things themselves.
  • Promoted Moments – Promoted Moments are similar to Instagram Story and Carousel ads in the way that Tweets are displayed as a collection that tells a story, which is great if you want to exceed the 280 character limit using multiple Tweets.





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