Cryptocurrency seems to be the future of finances. More and more companies open themselves to this new way of payment, which makes it more convenient for those who are familiar with crypto.

It’s easy to buy Bitcoin, EST, Ethereum, etc. using a website like Switchere with your credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). You only need a fast registration, verification for safety, a wallet, and enough Euro or Dollar remaining on the card.

After you buy bitcoin with credit card, it’s possible to not only have it as a deposit but also use it to buy stuff. There are at least 10 major companies known worldwide that you can purchase from using Bitcoin.

Companies that Accept Bitcoin Without a Trouble

Here are 10 companies that look through the time veneer and offer to pay online with crypto for their goods and services:

  • Microsoft.
    Microsoft is farther than any other place, as usual. The company accepts Bitcoin payments since 2014. There were two attempts to cancel the service due to the volatility of the crypto market, but they both were overturned.

  • AT&T.
    AT&T is relatively new in terms of accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment, but it’s a huge $200+ billion valued company that is now one leg into the future;

  • Overstock.
    Since 2017, Overstock has announced it would accept crypto now. And not only Bitcoin, they now accept Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero.

  • PlayBoy.
    After being founded in 1953, the company is always adapting to the new times. And since 2018, PlayBoy announced a new method of payment, keeping up with the trend;

  • Badoo.
    A dating website with over 200 million users started using Bitcoin as one of the payment methods back in 2015. If you’re registering a premium account, the feature is accessible.

  • PayPal.
    This is one of the first companies that were open for cryptocurrencies. It works with different platforms to process transactions and is ready to accept more cryptocurrencies.

All you have to do now is to buy BTC with MasterCard or Visa using a convenient service.

Why It’s Easy to Buy Crypto and Pay with It: A New Method

An advantage of paying with crypto is, potentially, that the lowest fee for the payment might be when using BTC and other currencies. It’s optional, but at least at first, you may get a lot of financial advantage.

First of all, it’s easy to buy BTC with Visa and convert it to another crypto using a converter like Switchere. The easiest way is to use your card, ID, and crypto wallet to make instant transactions. 100% secure tools, quick operation, convenient site, no prepaid services!

Services like Switchere offer reasonable fees and opportunities to get, send, and exchange USD for crypto via a bank card. If you want to get Bitcoin instantly and start shopping with the method of the future, use a fast converter that doesn’t work anonymously and provides the best balance of security, services, and convenience of use.


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