In the early days of computing, when a computer cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and required its own air-conditioned room to operate in, security was not an issue it needed to be. The fact that IBM PCs were used by business people with sensitive data meant that hackers would go after them to get access to this information.

Security in the Apple world is a different matter altogether. Apple computers are much simpler machines than IBM PCs or other competing brands, which means that it takes only a few minutes for a skilled hacker to gain complete control over them if they can obtain physical access.

Because most hackers don’t want their victims alerting system administrators by turning on warning messages before deleting all machine files (and making it their own, of course), they rely on social engineering techniques.

If you are a Mac owner, then this article is for you as we are going to discuss what hackers can steal from your Mac and how to secure your Mac and protect yourself.

Are Macs harder to hack?

People often ask, “Can Apple Macs be hacked?”. The answer is “yes.” Hackers can hack Mac much easily compared to Windows. However, since there are more users on Windows than Mac, hackers usually make their efforts on Windows.

In recent years, Apple Mac is becoming more and more popular as Apple has made its shares double. So, now there is a security threat that Hackers may start hacking Mac computers more often. We need to know here that both Windows and Mac are not a problem. Both are secure enough machines. However, it seems easy for hackers to break into your Mac by social engineering.

One of the most common threats is Browser security. We often install free unknown extensions that may contain some malware. These extensions secretly steal our data without realizing us.

Another way is links and attachments inside emails and messages can contain some viruses. When you click on these links, it secretly installs the virus that spy on you, steals your information, and shares it with hackers.

Now, as Apple has doubled its shares, they started focusing on the security of their MacBook pro security. Apple laptop security is important to attract more and more users and build an environment of trust.

Why Hackers Attack and What They Can Steal?

As Apple’s market share has grown, so too have its security vulnerabilities. Hackers are targeting the Mac at an increasing rate because doing so is lucrative and easy given Apple’s lax attitude to security.

Although the media likes to compare hackers to criminal masterminds, most are more like thieves looking for easy targets. If you make it difficult to steal something, they will move on and try someone else who may be less secure.

It can take several years before an exploit is discovered, but when it is, the hacker will write an automated program that utilizes the exploit; this tool is called a ‘payload’ and can be used to install viruses, malware, key loggers, or backdoors.

The most common type of attack against Macs is via social engineering (tricking someone into doing something) or by exploiting vulnerabilities in browser plugins, third-party apps, or outdated web applications – the Java plugin is particularly insecure.
Hackers can attack you for various reasons. The most common ones are to blackmail someone or demanding a huge amount of money. There are no standards whether hackers only attack some authority organization or a well-known celebrity. They can attack anyone anytime.

Some of the most common things hackers can steal are the following:

  • Your Credit Card information. You may have used your credit card on a site that is not secured. They can track you and steal your credit card information. And before you come to know this, you may get an email from a credit card company with a $50,000 invoice within minutes. That’s why it’s always better to download a VPN for Mac.
  • Your Personal Photographs. They can access your personal photographs and edit them. In this way, they can blackmail you and demand money.
  • Hack your Computer and use various programs like webcam and spy on you. They can record your videos and leak them publicly. Again, the primary purpose is to demand money by blackmailing you.
  • Often, we have seen in movies that hackers hack a computer and display user messages. Well, that’s true, and you lost your whole data on the Mac computer in such a situation.

How Can People Protect Themselves from Hackers’ Attacks?

There are many ways people can use to protect themselves from hackers’ attacks. Some of them are the following:

Keep your OS and Software Updated:

It is recommended to keep your OS X, and Mac software updated all the time. Companies usually sent updates when they find any gap or flaw in the system. So, it would be best if you kept your OS and software updated, or otherwise, hackers can attack and steal information.

VPN App For Mac:

As an internet user, you should download VPN for Mac. While browsing on the internet, your IP address can be exposed to hackers, and they can attack and track us easily. Try to use a secure Mac VPN that can provide internet security. We recommend you to use VeePN that is encrypted, secured, and can provide you privacy while exploring the internet. You can download the free trial version of VeePN.

Use a Secure Browser:

Apple Mac’s built-in browser Safari is not one of the secure browsers. So, it is best to download a secure browser like Opera to keep your privacy and avoid potential phishing attacks.

Encrypt Files:

Make your files encrypted so that no one can access your personal data. You use a password to make your files encrypted. So, if a hacker tries to access those encrypted files, he needs the password first.

Use Ad blocker:

If you don’t want to use browsers like Opera and stick with Safari or Google Chrome, then it is recommended to download ad and tracking link blocker extension in your browser. Such extensions will prevent showing you ads and also works well to keep you away from phishing sites.


Apple Mac is one of the leading computers right now. As the users are growing, so are the security issues. The Mac security right now is not as strong as Windows. So, hackers can attack Apple Macs much easily.

To prevent hackers’ attacks, it is recommended to take some safety measures. The most important one is to use a VPN. You can download VeePN as it can provide you top-level privacy by hiding your IP address.







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