To make an open-world game might be the biggest fuss in a developer’s life because they take all the worlds’ efforts, precision and creativity to pull off a game that nails it. We have seen a lot of open-world games in the industry but only few have made their mark and that’s exactly because of the complexities of the open-world genre, but this masterpiece, this work of art from Rockstar has just made a huge mark forever in the gaming industry. Now that the dust has finally settled on Rockstar’s open-world western epic, we can talk about it without all that rage, hype and here is what makes it so good.

The world of RDR2 is unlike any other, the beauty of it, the liveliness, accuracy and the whole reality of it is just too fascinating to handle. Everything about the world of RDR2 is just so on point, the mud on the carriage wheels, your guns and horse needing the care and all the tedious and very domestic encounters of real life that you get to experience in the game are just out of this world. Every town feels memorable and has its own different charms. The map is huge and it’s so perfectly laid out, every single tree on it seems just to be in the right place and all that combined with beautiful soundtracks makes the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 so good that it triumphs over any other in terms of liveliness and immersion. Haven’t tried RDR2 yet? Consider grabbing a RDR2 cd key and get your journey started.

RDR2 has a firm feeling to it, the mechanics of the game are so good and smooth, the gameplay as whole is way better than almost every other game in the genre. Hunting is one of my favorite parts about the game, it might seem a dull job at first but as you start realizing where to find a certain animal and how to best maximize the profits you find yourself addicted and just can’t stop enjoying it. The world of RDR online however might not be as welcoming, so it would always be a great idea to hire a seasoned RDR2 player or you can buy RDR2 account that is already stacked with everything that you need. To help you out through any quests or missions that you find yourself getting stuck to.

Another big thing that I would like to discuss about the game is its story and cast. Every character you come across RDR2 is memorable, every voice you hear just stays in your mind for a while and that is so hard of a job for developers, to give a soul to a game and RDR2 just has the best of the best. RDR2 literally has a better and bigger cast than any movie I mean, Dutch Van Der Linde is someone I would forget in a hundred years, and definitely Arthur Morgan is what makes this game so great too, along with all the elements described above.


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