This is a Windows 11 installation skinned to look like Windows 7. This uses only Open Source And Free Software (FOSS). This was made to show you can do this without paying for something like WindowsBlinds or Startallback.

Programs Used:

Explorer Patcher- (needed to use Open-Shell)

Windhawk- (Windhawk Mods: Windows 7 copy animation- Found in the default Windhawk list, AeroExplorer-, Themed UWP title bars-

Open-Shell- (Open Shell Themes: Start Menu-, Start Button-, Taskbar Theme:


Theme- (DO NOT use the uDWM.dll patch, it does not work on the latest Windows 11 versions and it will cause your PC not to boot if you try) Direct Link: Download theme, theme resources, uDWM patch, and instructions

MicaForEveryone- (Set every setting to default except for corner shape, set corner shape to slightly rounded for all sections. There may be a better way to do this, but this is the best I’ve found because the uDWM patch doesn’t work in new Windows 11 versions)

Larger “Show Desktop” Button- 7+ Taskbar Tweaker – RaMMicHaeL’s Blog (Read Comments at to understand how to use)

UAC- (Read instructions)

Icons- Replace “imageres.dll” in “C:\Windows\System32” with the Windows 7 version. Get this file straight from Windows 7, DO NOT TRUST any online sources that say they have the dll.


Shang-Chi and the LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS Premium SkinPack for Windows 11

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