Do you want to see new concept of Windows 8? Here is the new concept of Windows 8 – 2023 Edition! This is realy awsome Concept, enjoy it and have fun.

Introducing Windows 8 2023 Edition. How would it look like if Windows 8 was released in 2023? This concept video by Avdan tries to answer that question. Get ready to witness the comeback of the most iconic features of Windows 8. The Charms Bar and the Start Screen with Live Tiles are back and better than ever before. You can personalize your Windows experience the way you want it with the ability to customize and arrange Live Tiles to suit your preferences. Plus, the Fluent Design has been incorporated, providing a sleek and modern look to the re-imagined Windows 8. Experience the enhanced functionality and ease of use of the Charms Bar in this concept video with new features like the “Collections” feature, which enables you to collect all your necessary files and documents in one place, and the “Clipboard” feature, which lets you quickly access clipboard items through the Charms Bar for a more efficient workflow. Plus, with the “Snap Windows” feature that has been integrated into Charms Bar, multitasking has never been easier.


Windows 8.1 SkinPack Win7/10


If Microsoft Designed macOS
Windows 12 (Concept)

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  1. Oreo Hall May 7, 2023 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    I would actually love this idea…I loved windows 8. It has been my all-time favorite. If this were to hit the market I would but it straight away.

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