Fortnite has released thousands of different skins throughout its four-and-a-half existence, and not all of them are going to be home runs. We occasionally have some pretty bad stinkers that just either are not imaginative, have a horrific shelf life, or other factors leading to their popularity dwindling over time.


It should not feel like a Fortnite skin is trying to hit the jackpot in the best online casino as they have been in the past so without further ado, let’s jump into some of the worst Fortnite skins that we have ever seen.



Moisty Merman


Who decided this would be what players would want to be? The creature is an urban legend of the portion of the map ‘Moisty Mire,’ but let’s keep it at just that. It looks like the stuff of nightmares with a green color that rivals dish soap.


The costume itself just looks bulky as a hole and does not really make me want to play the game anymore. There is a reason that you never see anyone in a lobby running around with this awful skin.





Okay, I understand why the community vote could have chosen this skin to be released compared to the others, as Fortnite has some very underwhelming female skins throughout the game, but this?


It feels like they wanted to put a full mask over the character, and it comes across as extremely lazy. This feels like a huge issue that fills up a quota in their game than just developing a badass skin that females can use to represent themselves unless it is in collaboration with other franchises.



Mecha Team Leader


I have to be a little honest here; I had no idea this was a thing before researching this topic, and boy, do I wish to go back to the time when I had no idea about it. It was first introduced to the world as part of the game’s storyline (yes, Fortnite does have a story mode) in Season 10, but this is just comical and bad.


A robot bear is all I see in this, and it does not feel like it is good at all. It looks incredibly bulky, a feature that most Fortnite players tend to avoid using, and it just feels like something that should have been left on the cutting room floor.



Fly Trap


The Fly Trap feels like a good idea that the company just got forgotten about halfway through and could have been a decent skin if they focused more on it. Let’s talk about the price to get this skin: 2,000 Vbucks. This was supposed to be one of the legendary skins; what we got was anything but that.


The skin is unique but does not have anything on the back or even a selectable style for the user to customize. This was a good idea as I really like the concept of this skin but just felt like they forgot about it halfway through.



Hollow Head


Look, I have no issue releasing holiday-themed skins that could not have the same shelf life as others. However, you need to do it well. Otherwise, the issue is that it is just a cheap way to get a few bucks because the calendar says so.


That is what Hollow Head screams with the body from the Raven skin and the Ragnarok cape being added just makes it feel like a mosh-posh of old skins thrown together like Frankenstein’s Monster. The head, however, is awesome with the orange pumpkin as the head, while an evil aqua-colored flames seeping out of the holes can be nightmare fuel for some.


These are some of the worst skins the game has released, but there are more out there on the sheer fact that hundreds of skins are created throughout a year. What are some of your least favorite skins in the history of Fortnite?


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