2nd Gear Online Race
Experience the thrill of driving with 2nd Gear Online Traffic
What is your favorite car? Have you ever wanted to walk down the street and prove your pheromone to everyone? Do you think you can set the best record in the world?

Choose any car you like, make a sport rim, change the embroidery of the car and lower its height. Take a photo of your beautiful car and share it with your friends. Boost your car engine and prepare yourself for a breathtaking race. Well, whenever you feel like it, start and get out of the garage. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Enjoy in 2nd Gear Online and compete with your friends to set the best record!

Stunning and unique graphics

  • 3D design of machines with unique quality and high accuracy

  • Eye-catching and attractive menu

  • Many different race environments with night and day lighting

Diverse machines and high customization capability

  • More than ten Iranian and foreign cars from different world brands with high quality and complete simulation with car interior view

  • Ability to install beautiful and attractive labels on cars

  • The possibility of changing the color of the car with a lot of variety

  • Possibility to change the rim of ten world famous brands

  • Ability to install fins on the car

  • Ability to change the color of the machine embroidered

  • Ability to adjust the height of the car

  • Possibility to change the license plates of cars with the desired text

-More than sixty beautiful images for your profile

Great music and sound

  • Extraordinary soundtrack in different parts of the game

  • Professional voice of cars similar to the real example

  • Attractive ambient sound

  • Exciting sound of menus

Exciting and smooth gameplay

  • Simple but exciting and addictive gameplay

  • Accurate simulation of the vehicle motion system is very similar to the real world

  • Ability to change the driving angle in three modes. Along with the viewing angle inside the car

  • Ability to upgrade individual car components

  • Different types of competitions (stage, daily, endless free, etc.)



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