GTI Gangster Theft Impossible brings the underworld gangster to life in this vendetta crime simulator. The RPG war against this sin city gangster crime has begun, be the gangster of this bastard mafia city for all time. Build reputation of real gangster in the crime town that is the gangster the mafia game. Being a MMA fight crime simulator you have to put up your offense within this mafia city. The streets of New City are full of Gangs, Mobsters, Cops, and other Scums. As a Godfather Gangster, Develop your gangster, mafia war team mobsters in this vendetta crime gangs fully action packed and shooting game in a single touch. In this third-person shooting game, you play as a rising MMA grand champion.

Storyline of GTI Gangster Theft Impossible:

The area where criminal, theft, assassination and sin are at the peak, your duty is that you must have your RPG & MMA arsenal and be a part of mafia war shooter forever. The action in this underworld gang boss crime simulator gangster game is involved shooting and killing your enemies. This gangster game is awesome not only for the shots of your MMA weapon but the way you can kill mafia family. You can even steal cars and drive around this bastard crime town to take down other gangs on these streets. You as a gangster, help the gang lord to kill his opponents. Download and play this addictive RPG crime mafia empire simulator and be a Godfather of the Mafia family.

GTI Gangster Theft Impossible Key Features:

– Smooth 3rd Person Controls
– Realistic Car Driving controls
– Console quality HD Graphics
– Addictive and amazing gangster gameplay sound



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