eVTOLs are among the most awaited innovations for the future. People believed that flying cars would never be real, so the possibility of taking a flying taxi is very exciting. Depending on how fast things evolve, how much money is invested, and how hard the companies work towards their goal, we might see eVTOLs in the near future.

As you can imagine, once flying taxis become a thing, the transportation industry will completely shift. Things will not be the same, and people’s expectations will automatically be higher in terms of transportation. It’s not hard to think of some benefits that the new vehicles will bring to the table. But how exactly will eVTOLs revolutionize transportation? Below, you’ll find out some of the main ways this industry will change.

  1. Air Traffic Management Systems Will Develop

In order to make eVTOLs fully functional, we need well-established air traffic management systems. So, developing new ones will be necessary, and it will be one of the ways transportation will change. All national governments will have to do some work together to decide on a set of requirements that apply universally and establish them.

Given these management systems will become better than they currently are, air traffic will be improved, and it will allow air travel to be a very convenient option.

  1. Faster Travel

Everybody is sick and tired of the high traffic that often keeps people trapped for hours in some of the big cities. Everyone rushes to work or other places, and more often than not, they have to drive to get there. With so many people choosing to drive to their destination, it only makes sense that the traffic gets crazy. Still, being stuck in traffic is extremely annoying and it’s not how the future should look like. When you’re in a rush, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in traffic, only to get late to your destination. But the future might bring a solution to this universal problem.

eVTOLs will revolutionize transportation in this respect because they will make things faster and prevent traffic. People will get to their destinations faster thanks to these flying cars, and these vehicles will instantly become a hit. The travel speed will be approximately 150mph with many eVTOLs but companies like Astro Aerospace (OTC:ASDN) are developing vehicles capable of flying 280mph (read more here).

Now, of course, it all depends on some other aspects such as the potential ports or places designated for eVTOLs to land. Still, even if the vehicle doesn’t land right next to your workplace, you’ll be able to arrive there faster through this method compared to “confronting” the traffic.

You might also be able to book the flight in advance. We’re not sure how the system will work, but there might be an app that allows you to book a flight from the airport to a skyport that is close to the office.

You will receive information regarding the prices, routes, and availability, and then plan on which one to take and proceed with the payment. The local air taxi operator will then look for an available eVTOL and send the flight request to one of the urban air service providers. Then, they will see whether there are any free slots available and then check the flying route to see if there are any airspace, weather, or traffic flow restrictions.

  1. Silent Travel

We’re used to the very loud aircraft that takes us to different lands, to the point where silent air travel is hard to imagine. Given the number of operations performed, it would only make sense that the vehicles are so loud.

Well, things will change in the future as manufacturers want to make things quieter, so people can travel in more peaceful conditions. Thus, an Astro Aerospace vehicle or a Joby Aviation vehicle will not be as loud as you may expect it to be.

Ben Goldman, the aeroacoustics lead of Joby Aviation, spoke about the loudness aspect. “It’s easy to build a loud aircraft,” he said. “Compared to current aircraft, not only does the eVTOL have to be quieter, but it also has to be perceptually more pleasant to the listener.” After raising a lot of funds, Joby Aviation is working on developing the air taxis that people dream of. Their S4 aircraft, a model with five seats, is apparently “100 times quieter than conventional aircraft” when it takes off and when it lands. So, things are looking good for the transportation industry so far.

Therefore, we can rest assured that transportation will feel nicer in the future as our flying experience will not be disturbed by the loud sound of the engine.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Travel

If there is one thing to be happy about, especially if you’re someone who loves nature, is the fact that eVTOLs will make transportation more environmentally friendly. Since we’re talking about vehicles that will transport more passengers, making them leave their standard cars at home, then things are looking good.

eVTOL manufacturers are trying to develop ways to power their vehicles in a way that can decrease pollution. It is quite challenging, as batteries do not hold enough power to help the aircraft fly for an extended amount of time. If the power is increased, then this might only make the battery heavier, which is not an option either. But once eVTOL companies will find a way to make things work, transportation will take a turn as aircraft will allow people to fly without affecting the environment.

Final Thoughts

eVTOLs will make important changes to the transportation industry, which is why they are so awaited by everyone. People will be able to get to their destinations faster, without being stuck in traffic for ages.

Moreover, air travel will be less damaging to the environment, and the aircraft will become quieter, allowing passengers to enjoy their trip peacefully. Air traffic management systems will develop as well and will improve the air travel industry. So, we can say for sure that when they become widely available, eVTOLs will make transportation better.


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