Nowadays, there is no doubt that IG is an excellent platform for business growth and for looking up inspiration and entertainment content.


The platform is packed with information for every taste. Still, there is one downside: too much content, and it’s impossible to keep up with all your essential updates (and Stories especially). That’s when the thought comes to mind that it’s a good idea to save relevant content from your favorite blogger, Influencer, friend, or competitor out of Insta to have 24-hour access and analyze it at your convenience.


What would seem to be the problem with saving content? But that’s not the case: Instagram does not allow content to be kept outside the platform due to possible copyright infringement and for its commercial purposes (which makes sense).


That’s why today, there are third-party Instagram online story download tools (as well as video and image downloaders) and apps (for saving to phones) that make the process of saving content from IG “confidential” accounts to your device effortless and quick.


In the article, I’ll show your possible ways of getting content with Instagram private downloaders and how to do it effectively and with a minimum of time.

IG private content saving to PC, Mac

You may try InstaOffline, Toolzu services to download photo from Instagram as well as videos from a “confidential” acc or GramSave to get private Stories. Such services are cloud-based; no installation/signing in is needed. The way of content getting is the same on every platform.


How to get private content:


  1. Visit the IG page with a pc browser and open the content of a private profile.
  2. Copy image/video/Story address (by right-clicking then hitting “View page source” and copying URL or via pressing on “3 dots” then “Copy link”).
  3. Insert it on an Instagram private downloader and hit “Download”.
  4. Go to pc “Downloads” to relish the stored content.

IG private content saving to iPhone

If you desire to have an app on your phone, then I’d suggest the InsTake instrument that needs to be installed from an App Store. You may freely get pictures, videos, or Stories on the phone gallery.


How to get private content:


  1. Log in to the Insta profile via the tool after its installation.
  2. Copy a Story, video, or picture link (via the “dotted line”).
  3. Insert it in the instrument and press a red arrow, then “Share” and finally “Save”.


IG private content saving to Android

For Android, there are some tools for private video or photo saving (FastSave) and Stories downloading to a phone (Story Assistant). Both apps need to be installed from a Play Store.


FastSave: how to get a private image/video

  1. Upload the instrument after installation and hit “FastSave service” then “Open Instagram”.
  2. Pick out a content and copy its URL (a “dotted line” then “Copy link”).
  3. Relish the content from the library or the app itself.


Story Assistant: how to get a private Story

  1. Upload the tool after installation and log in to your Insta acc.
  2. Pick out an account with an active Story and choose the one you wish to store.
  3. Hit “down arrow” at the bottom to get the Story.


IG content saving to any device

Whether it will be an Instagram private video downloader or online image saver, it doesn’t matter as there is a way to get the content on any device from one service. Thus you may open a browser on a phone, pc, etc., go to a service page and get content from private IG profiles.


For example:

  • Save Insta service may save profile reels, videos, or pictures;
  • InstaDownloader tool saves photos with videos only;
  • DownloadingInstagramVideos service was designed to save Stories/images/videos.


How to get private content to any device:

The way of saving with such tools is the same for all online downloaders: you just copy the content URL, insert it into an Instagram private downloader, and hit a “Download” button. Hey presto! Enjoy the content from a phone library or pc “Downloads” folder.



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