Most sports lovers look forward to whether their favourite team will win the match or not everytime there is a live match around the corner. However, for sports bettors, the scenario is quite different as it is their finance that is involved and for them, the main worry is whether they will win the bet or not. It is important to acknowledge that even though ฟัน88 sports betting may be an activity that is highly engaged in by people to gain some extra cash, it is also for fun and entertainment and therefore, at times, you should learn to let loose and enjoy the thrill of the activity.


Football is one of the most loved and viewed sports all around the world. However, apart from watching the matches, people also love betting on them and when it’s the Champions League days and nights, you sure cannot deny that football fans will all be glued to their TV screens to find out if they will receive the worth of their money. As much is known about football being unpredictable, the first leg of this season’s UCL quarter final has been one to be thrilled about where there were so many surprises.


Things to take note of


Here is a little analysis decoding the performance of the different teams in the tournament and who you should bet on in the second leg.


  • Starting off with the first match, Atletico Madrid versus Manchester City. Now this was a match everyone was excited about and perhaps most people had bet on the blue side because they were aware that they would somehow find a way to score a goal even without a striker. However, it must also be taken into account that when you are betting in ฟัน88, a pile of confusion may start bothering you because both teams may look strong. The match between City and Atletico was much as one expected to be where the former attacked and the latter defended. However, it is important to take note with a team like City, if Atletico had not defended and instead went for a counter attack, the score line could have been huge. Also, teams are known to not perform to their best level in the first leg so that they can suddenly surprise everyone in the second leg. Perhaps, this is the strategy the Spanish team may be applying too but even then, for the next round, it is 60% for Manchester and 40% for Atletico.


  • When it comes to Liverpool versus Benfica, almost everyone knew that Liverpool would be the stronger side and that is what took place in the last match. They were the dominant team and managed to score three goals but it is also worth pointing  out that Benfica are not a club who makes regular appearances in the quarter finals of UCL but the fact that they reached up to this point in itself is a huge victory for them. They also managed to score a goal and while this might not be enough for them to win, in the future, fans may see more of them in the UCL. They have been the true underdogs of this season’s UCL. Hence, for your ฟัน88 bet, there are 80% chances for Liverpool to win and 20% for Benfica.


  • When it comes to the match between Villareal and Bayern, this was perhaps a match that no one expected to go the way it did. Bayern have been in strong form this season and given that they have claimed wins through a huge scoreline, people were expecting them to put up quite a show in the match but that was not the case. Villareal took the lead first and they also retained the lead until the end. However, knowing Bayern, it might be their strategy to perform less better than they usually do so that the opponent thinks they are weak and then they go on to put on a good show on the second leg. This is what they did against Salzburg too. However, talking about their last performance, it is worth mentioning that had Villareal created more shots on target and converted the chances into goals, they would have easily won by a huge mile which could have worked in their favor in the next leg and one might have even seen Unai Emery’s side go through. However, given that the second leg is still there and knowing that Bayern always show up in the second leg, the ฟัน88 betting odds are 60% for Bayern and 40% for Villareal.


  • The last match, Real Madrd and Chelsea meet again and if anything, it is quite evident that it has been a bad week for Chelsea both in the Premier League as well as the Champions League. With two massive losses, it turns out that it is not just the matter of ownership troubling the blues but there are also some personal matters that have been lingering on the shoulders of the club’s manager and this is perhaps why there has been a drop in their form. In the beginning of the season, it seemed like Chelsea were the club who could beat the likes of City and Liverpool but given their recent performance, perhaps that isn’t something that will take place this season. The match ended 1-3 so the ฟัน88 betting odds for the second leg are 60% for Real Madrid and 40% for Chelsea. When it comes to Real Madrid, the recent El Clasico match may not have gone in their favor but despite that, they are still winning the La Liga title as they are miles ahead of other clubs and the UCL matches certainly seems to be favoring them thanks to their lead striker Benzema who scored a hat trick yet again after he scored one in the last match with PSG.


It’s quite interesting to see that the week ahead is going to be full of thrill and drama once the second leg kicks off but regarding your ฟัน88 bets, be sure to take some reference from the above mentioned betting odds to be on the safe side.






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