Apple has increased the cost of its iCloud+ monthly subscription in several countries across the globe. As per an updated support document, the list includes the UK, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, Denmark, and Brazil among the regions to witness the hike in iCloud+ pricing.

The basic 50GB iCloud+ plan in the UK now costs £0.99, the 200GB plan costs £2.99, and the higher capacity 2TB plan costs £8.99. Previously, Apple used to charge £0.79, £2.49, and £6.99 for these plans respectively. So, that’s an increase of around 25-30% for the iCloud+ customers in the UK.

In Brazil, Apple has hiked the base plan to R$ 4.90 while the top-tier 2TB plan is now setting users back by R$ 49.90 every month. The iCloud+ subscription in South Africa now costs R14.99 for the 50GB plan, R59.99 for the 200GB plan, and R199.99 for the 2TB plan.

Similarly, in Colombia, the iCloud+ subscription now burns a bigger hole in users’ pockets by charging COP$ 3,900 (for 50GB), COP$ 12,900 (for 200GB), and COP$ 44,900 (for 2TB) every month. However, there are some markets where Apple has updated the pricing for one or two plans only. For instance, in Peru, the price hike only applies to the 2TB plan which is now available at S/.34.90.

The iCloud+ subscription prices remain unchanged in many regions, including the US, Canada, and India. While there is no official statement from the company, it should be noted that Apple periodically updates the prices of its products and services based on taxes and foreign exchange rates.

iCloud+ was introduced in 2021 as a paid subscription offering additional cloud storage on top of the free 5GB storage available to all iCloud users. It also provides various safety features such as iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, custom email domain, and support for HomeKit Secure Video. While users can share it with up to five family members, the storage limit is divided across all users.

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