The development in technology has made things easier as you can access most services through the online platform. You only need to have an electronic gadget such as a laptop and smartphone. There are several platforms available to access all the services you need. Each of those platforms has advantages and disadvantages that you have to consider before choosing a platform.

One of the most common platforms is Twitch. It has grown over a short time and is now ranked as one of the top platforms. It has attracted a lot of users within a short time. Below are some of the benefits of using the twitch platform.

Free Monthly Twitch Channel Subscription

Twitch offers a free monthly subscription to its users. They can use this monthly subscription on partnered channels. That is one of the benefits that has attracted more customers to the twitch platform. You can also increase the number if you buy Twitch followers, and they will be retained due to this advantage that Twitch has.

The platform’s free subscription enables its users to access things such as channel-specific subscriber parks that come with badges, hat privileges, and emotions. Prime students must pay their membership to get free monthly subscriptions.

Expanded chat color options

People always love it when they are given various options to choose from. Twitch ensures that by offering different chat color options to its users. Not everyone would love the same color, even in a small group of five people. You have to consider that if you want to attract more users. Each person has their own best color, and sometimes one would want to change from one color to the other. If the color option is not there, they might get bored and switch to other platforms, which is a loss.

Easy to Connect

Twitch is the biggest live stream producer. The programming interface is the most accommodating for most streaming purposes. People always love something easy to use, which is one of the advantages of using Twitch. It will not take you long to connect to your twitch account. It will only require a few clicks, and also, the live air comes come integrated with Twitch’s interface.

Twitch Communities

Another advantage that Twitch has is that it cares for viewers interest in different categories. Twitch will separate your stream into different categories depending on your content. That helps to guide viewers in your direction. The number of communities is expansive and ranges from coding to music. That makes attracting viewers easier as compared to other platforms. That is one of the things that has enabled Twitch to grow faster.

Add Overlays to Your stream.

Twitch enables anyone to stream their creatives to an easily accessible viewing platform. The only limitation is that it lacks graphics to decorate the stream. Despite the drawback, it also has a live air app to rectify the problem. That is because it provides users with several preinstalled overlays to choose from. It also provides you with an option to add text to the video and even a scoreboard if you are streaming from a sports event. People always love attractive videos. And using the twitch platform will offer you the best result to ensure the number of viewers is retained. Add stock graphics that come with the app. Graphics will give your stream a more authentic and professional feel than just having a blank video.

Twitch Chat Integration

Twitch has developed some of the newest features to ensure it gives the best to its viewers. Live air is one of the newest updates and has been provided with twitch chat at the main interface. That is a helpful development for twitch users because it makes interaction with viewers easier.

Interaction with the viewers is one of the most important things in live broadcasting. Twitch enhances that and has attracted many viewers to the platform. That is because viewers love where they can chat and interact, making them feel more engaged.



Twitch platform continues to expand its services to more than just gaming. That is to ensure they meet the demand of the available market. The benefits listed above are enough to consider it a major streaming platform for your videos.


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