There’s good news for folks with Google Chromebooks wishing to get free access to NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. Google has announced in an update today that it is teaming up with Nvidia to offer free membership for NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service for three months.

Chromebook users can access a GeForce NOW Priority membership and users who purchase any of Google’s Cloud Gaming Chromebooks can get GeForce NOW Ultimate. Both offers provide a free trial for three months. These memberships from the “Priority” and “Ultimate” tiers are the highest ones offered by NVIDIA which provide higher quality to customers.

While GeForce NOW is generally free for everyone, the waiting queues are extra long with tight time limits however the membership offers up to six-hour gaming sessions and faster access to GeForce gaming servers in the cloud than for Free members.

Moreover, with an NVIDIA GeForce NOW membership, users can access a GeForce RTX gaming rig to stream their own video games. These include games purchased from Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, Ubisoft, and more.

Additionally, Priority members can access NVIDIA technology like RTX ON allowing them to experience the best graphics and real-time cinematic lighting, as well as, 1080p streaming. As for the “Ultimate tier,” users enjoy up to 4K streaming with higher framerates up to 120fps.

Google also emphasized the recent release of Baldur’s Gate 3 and commented on its latest offers for Chromebook users by stating:

“With no download times to install patches and no need to tweak graphics settings to match your device, the age-old question of choosing your character’s starting class should be the hardest part of your journey when booting up Baldur’s Gate 3.”

To access the free trial, Chromebook owners must redeem the limited-time offer here, create a GeForce account, and download the application from the Google Play Store. Then, they can sync their existing gaming accounts on platforms like Steam and choose the game they would like to play from the game library.

For more advanced players looking for enhanced resolution, Google suggests its latest Chromebook lineup offering gaming of up to 120 Hz.


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