No wonder MacBook is a fantastic machine with pro features giving you the best user experience. Millions of existing users have put their faith in the MacBook because of its exceptional speed and remarkable performance.


But at the same time, we should forget the fact that at last, it’s a machine. And it is likely to give up when used inappropriately. One of the biggest examples is common battery issues encountered in MacOS. For once, the MacBook battery issues may not look like a huge problem, but when you experience its depth when experiencing it for real.


Battery issues in MacBook –


Recently, Apple released a new updated version of macOS Catalina, leaving its users awestruck worldwide. The new update has come with a series of new features and many improvements to enrich our experience. But with this, many users have arisen the increased battery issue problems with macOS Catalina updates.


Some of the common problems found include – faster battery draining, battery not charging, and much more. There can be multiple reasons for this. Some of them may include – excessive battery charging, inappropriate battery charging process, use of damaged batteries or chargers, etc. If you own a MacBook, you should be familiar with the untold reasons behind it. This should be a step to be practiced before looking for a reliable solution.


Issue no. 1 – Excessive usage – Accessing your machine twice or thrice than usual, especially after the update, is likely to show its negative impact somewhere. Most users live with the thought that an update makes the MacBook faster. No wonder it does, but that does not mean you have the liberty of using it excessively. This is likely to drain the battery faster than usual. Here, you should know the true cause of the problem and look for different applications consuming maximum battery life. The ‘Finder’ option can help you get all the required details.


Issue no. 2 – Damaged charger – The hardware of the MacBook is as responsible as the Software. You need to evaluate both aspects wisely. A damaged charger does not allow the battery to fetch the required amount of power to survive for long. Therefore, consider changing the charger for once.


Issue no. 3 – Storage method – If you plan not to use the MacBook for a long time, consider not charging it unnecessarily. If required, charge it to 50% only. This practice is healthy to maintain the battery life for a long time. If you do not plan to open your system for the next few weeks or months, avoid charging more than 50%.




Conclusion –


The MacBook is a preferred machine to give you a seamless experience. But that’s when you know the correct usage process. Rough usage is likely to make things worse for you. It’s common to suffer many MacBook issues, especially when you are not fixing those arising issues. One of the most prominent examples is battery problems. Fortunately, there are many solutions to it. All you need is to get familiar with the required changes.



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