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Over the past 5 years, there were a lot of public scandals that had to do with information sharing or user privacy. Ever since it was made public how Facebook handled user data, and how almost every site we use collects data on user behavior, people became more concerned about their online activity and who has access to what they do online.  These same concerns bother those who love to gamble online. After all their payment information and their money is tied to their online casino account, it’s understandable that they are not fully comfortable not knowing what is going on at all times.  To that end, we will go over some of the best security measures you can implement to stay safe while gambling online.

Know Your Operator


There are a few things you should do prior to deciding to sign up with any operator.  You need to make sure that the company behind the website is licensed and regulated. Of course, you might live in a country where legal online gambling sites aren’t available, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that the illegal operators will try to trick you, it’s just that they are not as safe, and there is no one to hold them accountable if they scam you.


Basically, their license number and regulatory body information tend to be available on the website. If not, reach out to their customer support and require those details. Then go to the regulator’s website and see if the info checks out.


Payment Options

In order to deposit money and play on any casino website, you will need to use their payment options. If you are not comfortable with platforms that hold onto your funds for a long time then choose casinos that have fast payment methods. These are known as instant withdrawal casino UK, and in essence, you can use quick withdrawal options for your big winnings. Now there are instances when a casino has to approve your withdrawal request especially if it’s subject to wagering requirements. However, if you did not use any bonus or promo, and use fast e-wallets options you should be able to withdraw your money quickly.  Even better, you can play on crypto casinos, and use bitcoin for payment. In that case, you can only play using URL and you can skip the whole account creation process.

Securing the Account

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Let’s assume you’ve picked a reliable operator with lots of payment options, now you can take extra steps to ensure your account’s safety. You see, big operators handle big sums of money which makes them a likely target for hackers. As a result, your information can be stolen from that operator. To that end, you need to make sure your account isn’t so easily accessible, and that your funds are also safe. You should have a 2-factor authenticator added to your login process. You can use Google’s app or from another provider if you wish, but generally speaking, your email, your e-wallet, and your online casino account should have 2FA.  This way, any login attempt needs to be approved by you. Of course, you should still use a strong password on your account that is different from the one you use on other sites, and write it down somewhere if you need to.


Responsible Gambling

You need to be safe from your own human nature when playing on a gambling platform.  We are all prone to frustration and to daydreaming, which are two components that can lead to irresponsible gambling. Typically, licensed operators warn users to be responsible, and need to check up on them if they feel they are spending too much money. However, a lot of games are designed to incentivize spending, and people tend to chase their losses in order to turn the situation around. Don’t fall into these traps, a common gambler’s fallacy is that after a losing streak you are bound to win, which is not true. The previous outcomes have nothing to do with future games, the odds are the same. So, set the amount you don’t mind losing, and play with only that amount of money.



These are some of the main security measures you can implement to stay safe and protect your funds. You can also use no deposit bonuses or trial periods to just see how the games work and how they make you feel.  You should also read terms and conditions carefully especially when claiming the bonus because you might be agreeing to heavy wagering requirements.



Leslie Alexander is a talented blogger who loves to cover the iGaming industry-related topics. She is working as a content lead at Gamblizard and she creates content marketing strategies for online gambling sites.  She loves camping, hiking, cycling, and playing Magic The Gathering with her friends.


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