Themed icons is a feature brought to Android by Google in Android 12, which was released back in October 2021. The theme support was updated to dynamically change with the system color based on the wallpaper and dark mode toggle. While many apps started supporting the themed icon feature for their app icon, some popular apps including Facebook and Instagram were left behind.

The themed icon features in Android 12 and above are not supported in all devices and are subject to modifications done by the device manufacturer. You can expect to see the themed icons in stock Android devices including the Pixel series by Google and Samsung. Android 13 paved the way for 3rd party developers to join the bandwagon.

Developers utilize the Material You design guideline to adapt their icon layers to be used for dynamic theming. The basic principle is to match the icon background with the system color and a contrasting shade is used for icon borders. This can be helpful to users who want all their icons to match the same color palette. Meta quietly added the Material You-themed icon support to its Facebook for Android app and immediately followed with another push for its Instagram for Android app. These updates come over a year after Meta added support for another app in its portfolio, WhatsApp. It received the theming support back in August 2022.

To get the dynamic themed icon support for Facebook and Instagram, make sure your app is updated to the latest version above build number Facebook on Play Store v439 and Instagram on Play Store v307. You can also manually update to the latest version by downloading the APKs. Here are the APK links for Facebook and Instagram. You also have to make sure your device is Android 12 or above for these features to work.

To enable Dynamic Theming, long press the home screen, select Wallpaper & Style. Then find Themed Icons toggle and enable.

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