It is inevitable to turn a blind eye to some of the games we have on the planet today. Card games have been part and parcel of humanity for decades for a number of reasons. The main reasons for playing card games like rummy are to have fun, socialize and make some money on the risks you take in the game. The game has its origin in India where it is played through sets formation using the deck of cards. The set may other be pure or impure however the game as you should know has diverse variants that have different rules. Since Rummy has grown to be one of the preferred table games in India, it is only right that amateurs are guided on how to safely play and win in it. Discussed here are some useful tips they can employ for better time when playing the teen Patti real cash.

Secure a pure sequence

This is the first rule of engagement that all wannabe rummy players should get into their heads. Anything you do during the game is useless when you are not achieving a pure sequence with it. What does pure sequence mean in rummy though? This is a sequence entailing three cards that are made of the same suite. You should in fact know that you need a pure sequence before you can win the game of rummy. You can employ different other useful rummy playing strategies but only when you have your pure sequence formed to help you finish up the game when you are ready.

Keep your discarded cards in mind

After being served your hand, there are times when you will have idle cards that do not help you in your sequence formation. In most cases these idle cards do not have a set and that is what makes it easy to convert them later to pure or impure sequence. Since you only need a pure sequence to win, you need to discard duplicate cards from your hand. By doing so a player amplifies their chances of finding the card that they are missing. Experts advise you to hold on to your middle cards during the game especially when you have three cards of the same suit and need a fourth one to complete your sequence and win.

Know the basics

For you to excel in any game that you have in mind, knowing what it entails is the basis for your planning. Besides how it is played, keep your mind on the rules of the game as you develop the right strategies that you can use to outshine your competitors. Go through the terms and conditions of the game as stated in the site or mobile app you choose to use. Being familiar with what is expected of you is the first step to ensuring you are never caught in violation of any of the terms and conditions.

Implement the sort option

You need to have some form of keeping your cards organized and easy to sort through when planning your game. Start by arranging your cards properly to mitigate any chances of confusion amid the game. This means organizing them based on their suits and ranked and alternating the colors for instance arranging them in a black-red-black-red manner. This is always a nice trick to save you time especially when dealing with a huge hand for instance regular 13 card or the 21 card rummy option.

Use the fishing strategy

Rummy bonus game is not only won through the cards played but also your ability to keep an extra eye on your opponents. You should be able to figure out their play discreetly or better yet try to influence their decision making process. Confusing the other players on the discard pile option is what you should try doing. Once you have formed the sequence, you can choose to hold on to two similar cards as your finishing strategy. You can also use fishing strategy when doing this to better your chances of having the opponents make the wrong plays.

Never hold your hand for long

Have you ever heard of the drop cards strategy? In the game of rummy, this is strategies that entail removing cards that are close to the picked joker. The strategy entails dropping the cards just before or after the open joker which means dropping 6 or 8 if the open joker is 7 but of the same suit. This makes any related sequences to the one you dropped useless to other players making them. It is a strategy that helps you breakdown the game plan of other players as you work on your own sequence or already have one and are aiming at finishing the game.

Get used to the 4-card pure sequence idea

After being given your hand, most rummy players start thinking of how to make the perfect sequence. You can use the 4-card option to make yourself either pure or impure sequence based on what you have been dealt with.  Using this system, a player can make two 4-card sequences from the regular rummy game that entails being handed 13 cards. The other options of pure or impure sequence might not always work for you game for instance the 3-card sequence.

Remove high value cards from your hand

Any professional at rummy games will advise you to always remove the high value point cards from your hands as they mostly never follow any sequence. In most cases this includes options like J, K and Q cards. Should you want to be safe in case your opponent declares before you, keep the A card with you to help with the reduction of points. For most people this is an ideal hack that helps them not only tread safely when playing but also save you from losing in a rummy game. Knowing such in game tricks give you an advantage to be one step in the game whether you are on the winning or losing end.



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