If you’re relocating to the New York area and want to move your car with you, you’ll need to ship it to or from New York. You could drive it here, of course, but shipping your car provides advantages that outweigh the considerable cost involved in hiring car transport services to handle your shipment, as well as certain legal requirements if you’re shipping across state lines. Here are some tips on how to ship your car from point A to point B without getting into legal trouble, and ensuring that your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.


Choosing the right option

When you’re looking for the best way to ship your car, the first thing you should do is figure out where it’s going. If you’re shipping a car from one state to another, then you’ll need an open-top carrier. However, if you are shipping your car internationally, then it’s best to use an enclosed transporter. Once that’s figured out, it’s time to get into all of the details.

Preparing your vehicle

Before you ship your vehicle, it’s important to go through the following steps:

  1. Get an estimate on how much your car will cost to transport. 2. Remove any loose items that may get lost during transportation and pack them securely in a box (like CDs and DVDs). 3. Remove any valuable items like money and jewellery that could be stolen by thieves during shipment. 4. Clean your car inside and out before shipping so there are no traces of food, trash, etc… 5.

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Shipping with a broker

A car shipping broker will help you find a carrier with the appropriate insurance and documentation for your vehicle, as well as schedule the pickup and delivery of your car. Plus, brokers are knowledgeable about details like what carriers are available in your area and how much they cost. But make sure you ask about any fees before committing to anything. Remember that brokers only get paid when they successfully match a customer with a carrier, so they’ll do their best to find you the best deal possible.

Picking up your vehicle on the other side

If you’re going to ship your vehicle across the country, it’s important that you know how the process works. Here are five things you’ll want to do before picking up your car on the other side.


When all else fails, follow Plan B

When you’re ready to ship your car, you want to make sure it’s done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why when all else fails, we recommend following Plan B: Buying a new car.


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