Skin packs are great software to make your windows computer beautifully customized to your liking. When you spend hours on your computer, is it nice to have it tailored to your liking. It is easy to change and super fun to switch between the many design.   


There are so many different options when it comes to skin packs and it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Luckily there is most likely one that fits your aesthetic just right and it is so simple to browse through them.


For the sports fans

If you are a sports fan, there are plenty of options you can choose from. what about having your own custom fitted windows computer with cool football wallpapers? You might be one that enjoys watching and betting on the UEFA, European Championship or maybe you even play football yourself. The UEFA is the biggest football tournament in Europe and a must see for all supporters. A football themed skin pack is a fun way to make your windows computer more customized and in your preferred style.


There are also many other sports to choose from, if you are a basketball fan, chances are that you know of or watch the NBA religiously. If this is the case, you might enjoy an NBA themed wallpaper and skin pack for your computer. But what if you have more than one favorite team and players? Don’t worry, you can switch your background out from time to time and even choose a wallpaper with all the players form different teams.

MacBook or Windows?

Do you own a windows computer, but are fascinated with the apple layout or design? Then this skin pack is perfect for you. There is large collections of MacOS skin packs, to fit the model of your computer. Changing to an entirely new layout can be a nice change when you want to try something new. It will let you get to know a new system and can prepare you for the different features if you were to change to an apple product in the future or have to use it in job or school settings. And remember, you can use a MacBook layout and still preferer a windows product!


This is how you download a skin pack

Skin packs are a great feature to your old of new computer. They can be downloaded to your laptop online. Before you install a new skin pack, it is recommended to uninstall old packs. When installing, you need to extract zip files and run “setup.cmd” or you can rename “setup.ex” to “setup.exe” and run it.


After the pack is downloaded, run it as administrator and click the “next” button. Read and accept license agreement and click the skin pack you want to install. Now you can click on the finish button and restart your system to make the change in your windows computer. From now on you can just sit back and enjoy your new skin pack.




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