Warzone season 2 was launched in March 2020 and coincided with the lockdown giving people ample time to try out the game and fall in love with its gameplay.

Since then, more and more players are joining its teeming fans. The huge number of gamers currently playing the game and the insane number of people looking to get in have made it quite difficult for newbie gamers to get wins, especially when playing solo.

If you’re used to playing team mode, you may find the solo mode quite different and more difficult. Here, there’s no backup fire from your teammates, neither is there any help when you’re looting. You’ll have to be more careful when playing the game.

It gets really frustrating if you cannot get a few wins under your belt when playing. But how can you get these wins as a solo player in warzone?

This is a question that would be answered extensively in this guide.


  1. Loot More When Starting Out

When playing solo in warzone, all the cash needs fall on you with no teammate to share that burden. You will need cash and lots of it at the initial stage to get load-outs and UAVs necessary for your mission.

Another thing you need to buy, maybe even before going for any other kit is the “self-revive kit.” In a team mode, your teammates can use the “bring back a teammate” option to revive you, but in solo, you’re all alone so you have to look out for yourself.

By prioritizing loots at the initial stage, you’ll get enough cash to spend on vital kits and supplies.


  1. Buildings are Easy Targets

In solo mode, players tend to like the cover of buildings a lot, and most times that may be their downfall. As it is the norm for players to go into buildings to hide, more players are setting traps or lying in wait in buildings waiting for who will come in.

It is best to avoid buildings when playing solo as this will give you a better chance of survival. You can even decide to set up an ambush by positioning just outside the building waiting for campers to come out.

Sometimes it would be almost impossible to avoid buildings entirely especially when you can hear the humming sound of a chest to loot in there. If this is the case, you need to be extremely cautious in the building.


  1. Try Out Different Landing Zones

In the plane right before you jump off, you get to select where you want to land on the map. Where you select will have a varying effect on your play.

If you’ll want a calmer start to the game, you would want to land at the edge of the map away from the war center where there’ll be lots of players.

If intense action immediately you land attracts you, land at the center of the map, and get your guns hot almost immediately.


  1. The Slower, the Better

When in a team mode, you can afford to go in guns blazing, killing everything you come across with the help of your teammates. In warzone solo mode, you don’t have that luxury.

You have to be more careful as you have no backup. Move slowly and pay more attention to your surroundings to avoid surprise attacks from enemies. Speed doesn’t matter, staying alive does.


  1. Get in the Bertha Truck

Never pass up the chance to get in the bertha truck when playing solo. This truck is one of the safest as the hit window is so small and difficult for enemies to target.

When in a vehicle, you get to view the whole surrounding and scout where your enemies are because of the third person view for players in vehicles.  You also hold a considerable advantage over players on foot as you have the element of surprise to jump out any time and attack.


  1. Get the Height Advantage over Your Enemies

Tall buildings and mountains provide the height advantage you need to win towards the end of the game. I know this may be counter-productive to the tip on avoiding buildings, but when nearing the end, tall buildings and mountains may be your best shot.

This way you get to have a wider view of your enemy while being able to hide when needed.


Last Shot    

Solo games are brutal and if you want to increase your chances of winning you may have to use warzone cheats to play the game. While some players frown at cheats, no one can deny their effectiveness.

Get in there; use these tips to increase your win rate in solo warzone.



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