If you are a die-hard fan of playing games, you might have heard about Call of Duty’s Warzone. Warzone is a free to play battle royale video game. It allows playing online with the combat of 150 players. The games include cross-platform progression and play and are available in two modes – Battle Royale and Plunder.

Are you new to Call of Duty’s Warzone? You need to know the basics of the game to survive the tough competition. You should have an insight into the game to last till the end.

Do not worry! You can learn and understand the game from these Warzone hacks. Following is a list of Warzone tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Cut your parachute

Do you know that you can redeploy your parachute infinite times as you incline towards the ground? If you decide to drop straight down, allow yourself to fall until the last moment. However, if you decide to go somewhere else, the best move is to go towards your landing zone. You can pull your parachute and push forward in case you can’t move forward. On starting to move forward again, cut down your parachute and do so while holding the control. You will notice a slingshot action and your hands in front of you. You can redeploy the parachute when your hands move back to the sides.

2. Death is not the end

One of the advantages of Warzone over other games is that it offers a second chance.  Death on the battlefield pushes you to Gulag, which is a prison. Here, you will have a one-to-one fight with an inmate and the winner will earn freedom. There is also a self-revive ability that you can buy from the in-game stores. In-game stores available in Warzone are marked by shopping trollies on your map. Your squad can also get you back in on visiting designated stores shown on the map.

3. Add and share armor plates

Are you aware that armor is critical to surviving a firefight? You drop in the game with two plates. You should find and add a third plate as soon as possible. Once you are confident that you are safe from other teams, try to snatch as many plates as you can. You can wear three plates and carry an additional five. Ensure that you share the plates if your team members are lacking. It is possible to survive the fight by having the maximum armor in the game.

4. Protect yourself

Armor is not made up of vests or helmets in Warzone. Rather, players amass plates that they insert manually into the vest. The game enables players to equip three plates and hold five. It implies you can recover from broken armor and pass it to a friend as well. Can you believe that you can do several things while you apply for armor plates, like opening doors and crates and sprinting? So, do not simply stand still while healing, rather, keep doing things. When firing at an enemy’s body, an armor icon’s appearance implies they are protected, and a cracking sound signifies that the armor has been broken.

5. Beware of vehicles

Warzone offers several options to get around, but the problem is that all come with the disadvantage of being quite loud. You will be the prime target for rockets and snipers if you are driving a truck, an ATV, or a helicopter. With this, try to park at the edge of play zones. By doing so, you will avoid moving straight into the crossfire that contains multiple squads and assembles towards the epicenter. Let me tell you, if you desperately need a vehicle, it will move around in the same location. So, after a few matches, you will know the exact location where to find one.

6. Pool your resources

Remember, it is quite difficult to win Warzone on your own. On being in a squad, you can accumulate your money to buy items for each other at shopping stations. Money is vital, and you can put it to use for different purposes. You can use the money to bring your teammates back into the game if they lose their Gulag match or if Gulag is closed. You can even drop a gear for one another in the team to share excess weapons, armor, or shield plates. You can also mark enemies and strategies for each other. Warzone is always better to play with friends.

Final words

And there you have it! You can loot, utilize wide spaces, hide in the buildings, outplay, and outlast enemies.  The above tips and tricks will help you learn the skills to master Warzone and improve your chances of staying alive till the end. Keep playing!


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