Casino gaming has boomed in popularity in recent years. The development of technology and the internet has allowed casino games to transition online allowing all players with a internet connection to access games anywhere and at any time. You will find a range of casino games available online, ranging from poker and roulette to the classic slots games also known as pokies in New Zealand and Australia.

Pokies games are one of the more popular casino games available. This is mainly due to their easy game play and speed of the game. For those who are looking for something less strategic and something quick to play, pokies is a good choice. If you are interested in playing pokies anytime soon, read on to find out how to master pokies games.

Understand the features of a poky

If you’re going to play successfully on one of these machines, whether online or offline, it’s absolutely crucial that you understand the different features of them. Even though pokies are relatively easy to play, they’ve gotten a little more complex than they used to be. This means you should get clued up on things such as bonus rounds, wilds, scatter symbols, paylines, stakes and more so you can take full advantage of the game to win. Don’t gamble any of your money until you understand the features of a poky and how a game works.

Test the games for free

One of the things that online pokies operators do exceptionally well is give players plenty of opportunity to get familiar with games before they part with their money. One way of doing this is by offering players free spins when they sign up, so that the player can play the game without having to spend any real money. In some cases, the player may also not win any real money either when playing with free spins.

Another way is with demo versions of games. This gives the player a chance to learn the rules of the game and how the game operates, and to generally build confidence when playing the game. They can start to stake real money on the game and play for real money when they’re ready.

Play on games with small jackpots

One way to conquer the pokies is to play on games that offer small jackpots. Games that offer smaller jackpots tend to pay out more regularly. They’re a superb option if you want to win but don’t wish to take huge risks with your money. Progressive jackpots may be tempting, but these jackpots are often large and the chances of winning are very slim, whereas you have more chances with a smaller jackpot.

Bet the maximum

How badly do you want to win big? Some pokies offer the chance to win sums of money that could change a player’s life. What players don’t realise, however, is that to win big, you must also bet big on these pokies. That means placing the maximum bet.

Lower staking spins can earn you the same multiplier as higher stakes ones, but the payout itself will still be less. Note, of course, that placing the maximum bet allowed will cause you to go through your bankroll quicker. It’s up to you to decide whether the size of the win is worth it or not to you.

Be aware that complex games mean lower odds

Some pokies charm players into playing them by proffering lots of paylines, bonuses, multipliers and other features, which create lots of chances to win. However, the more complex a game is in this regard, the lower the odds of winning when playing it are likely to be lower.

This then means that the simpler the game, the higher the odds of winning. The higher the payout might also be.

Choose nothing but suitable casinos

When choosing a casino to play on the pokies, you should always be careful. This is especially the case if you’re new to playing pokies. Not all casinos are the same. Even more so online. Some casinos are specially designed to accommodate a certain type of player.

Unfortunately, there are some shady operators on the internet who are illegal, malicious or just plain poor when it comes to operating an online casino. When choosing a provider, you should consider the licences, eCOGRA accreditation (which proves the game has been tested and is fair), the quality of the customer service, the levels of transparency and the suitability of the games for your requirements. Take care also to read reviews and see what other players had to say about their experiences.

If you don’t want to play poker, you can always switch to pokies machines. They’re simple to play and require a little less strategy. Play smart and you can win plenty even though you’re not sitting at a poker table.


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