If you think it is easy to get the solution on how to remotely access another computer over the internet, consider it twice. The procedure might seem complex for normal or casual computer users. But after having the right idea and tactic, anyone can solve the sophistication that lies behind its process. This article will provide you a relatively simple solution, if you need to monitor another computer secretly for some reason.

Why Remote Computer Accessing or Monitoring is Crucial?

The whole world today has realized the importance of the Internet, especially after facing the COVID-19 pandemic. It has affected the daily routine and habits of almost all age groups.

Professionals are doing work, students are learning, people prefer to exercise at homes with online classes, and many more. Still today, most of us like to stay at home or maintain a safe physical distance from others outside our homes.

The new habit has proven advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, for most people, it is like enjoying every day as a holiday mix-up with work and studies. On the other hand, most of us are mentally got frustrated by staying most of the time at home.

For example, children can play online games or watch unintended videos during study times. However, their parents are considering that they are busy with studies. Similarly, an employee of a company working from a remote location can take advantage of being alone. In this way, there would be many chances of cheats or wrong behaviors that will affect someone.

All this can be considered as major issues for the employers or teachers to execute their work. However, the right solution to this for them is to use technology to remove the loopholes while using another technology.

Putting it simply, people can use remote monitoring software to gain access to the target’s computer. Let us see how to do it with a working method!


How to Remote into a Computer Windows 10?

Generally, there are two methods to access to a computer remotely. One is to take the permission of another device to be accessed. The second method does not include the need for authorization and it is support you to spy on the device without anyone know about it!


Method-1: How to get access of a Remote Computer Ethically?

If you are on the Windows system, you can take the help of its Remote Desktop Connection feature or app. You can use this tool to store files or to access another Windows device remotely.

To make it possible, you need to have two devices, and both of the devices should be running on the Windows Operating system. They should be connected to the Internet using a public IP address or directly to your local network.

The technique of using this desktop connection app is suitable if you do not want to spy on others. Otherwise, an employer or a teacher does not know what is going on when they do not access an employee or student’s remote computer.

Now let us check out the procedure to remote access a computer with a friendly connection;


Task-1: Request for Remote access connection from Device-1

Step-1: Go to the search bar on Windows-based gadget (preferably running on Win10) and type ‘Remote Desktop’.

Step-2: You can see the option pop’s out as ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ that you need to click on to proceed further.

Step-3: You will see a desktop connection window on the screen. It will ask you to fill up the name of another Windows device to which you want remote access and the IP address.

Step-4: Verify the details and tap on ‘Connect’ to ask the windows to process the remote connection request immediately.

Step-5: You might see a window that tells you that the remote connection that you are trying cannot be authenticated due to some problem. So, you do not need to think much and tap on ‘Yes’ to allow it to connect anyway with the desired computer remotely.

Once you are done, you can tap on the X button. It shows on the top right corner of the app window to close the connection to the remote computer and confirm it by clicking ‘OK’.


Task-2: Granting the permission to Remote access connection from Device-2

By default, Windows wants its user to manually allow or disallow the request if someone wants to access its device. It is to ensure the safety and privacy of a user. Following are the steps to grant/accept/allow remote access request made from device-1;

Step-1: Open the ‘Remote Desktop’ app from the Search Bar of windows.

Step-2: You will see a list of results on the screen. So tap on the option of ‘Allow Remote Access to Your Computer’.

Step-3: A menu of system properties will be shown on the screen. Go inside the Remote tan and choose the ‘Remote Desktop’ section.

Step-4: Make sure to tick the box next to ‘Allow Remote connections to This Computer’.

Step-5: Tap on ‘OK’, and it’s done.


So for both of the above procedures to work well needs some action from both the parties and ends. Hence, you will need to wait till another person or your friend from the other side grants your request or allow access manually. The process would be much easier if both the devices are located in the same position or belong to the same person or business.

Do you want to remotely access without asking for permission? If your answer is yes, then Windows will not help you in this case. So in this scenario, you will need to take the help of a trusted third-party tool to make it possible. A proven option would be to use MoniVisor to get remote access to another computer or compatible device secretly.


Method-2: How to Remote into a Computer over the Internet Secretly?

It can be done using a remote monitoring software tool. One big advantage of using this Monivisor is to monitor the online kid’s activities secretly by the parents. In this way, they can better correct their mistakes and guide them to become an honest person further.

It would be good for the future emotional state or mental well-being of kids. Most children do not have enough maturity of what is right and wrong when being exposed to the Internet world.

Similarly, an employer can also use the remote access tool to legally access and track more than one employee during work hours. In this way, they can prevent potential threats to their company or business and use means to boost productivity.

The technology is also helpful for couples who want to monitor the activities of another half. They need someone who can spy on the others’ activity, especially after any doubt of being getting cheated.

In this manner, couples can remove their suspects and wrong beliefs towards each other and create a better relationship. By adopting this technique, couples can live their better and happy lives by neglecting all the web of lies that are having on your mind.


Why MoniVisor?

The tool comes with effective monitoring capabilities and has a user-friendly interface. You can efficiently operate or install this software secretly to the target computer once and for all.

Let it run in the background either by direct access or using the first friendly remote connection method. After getting it done, you can get the information about what is happening on the targeted computer with its secured online portal.

Here is the way on how you can use MoniVisor to conveniently access a windows computer connected to the Internet;

Step-1: Go to its official website on your browser and create an account.

sign up

Step-2: It will ask you to select a plan as per your requirements from the available options or different packages. You can choose one as per the offerings or functions that you need for remote access.

Step-3: After completing the purchase, you will be redirected to the ‘My Products and Orders Management’ webpage.

setup guide


Step-4: Check out the detailed Setup Guide provided here if you are not confident about proceeding ahead. Further, act as per the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Step-5: It will guide you to download and install the software on your system and activate it in about 5 minutes. Once the configuration process is completed, the MoniVisor app will begin as a computer’s background process.



Note: You can also take the help of the free Demo provided on the site. The first data sync might take some time, so you need to be patient and give it some time to do the magic! You can also add its chrome extension to your browser to unlock its features like monitoring social media chats and employee emails.


What are the Benefits of using MoniVisor?

Whenever you need to spy on the target computer, you can access the ClevGuard website and sign-in using your registered account. You will get all the recorded data of the target computer showing in the ‘Dashboard’ option.

online dashboard


So, you do not need physical access or permission from the targeted computer or device to access its data or activities.

By the way, you can use the following features of MoniVisor for your needs and benefits;

  • Automatic capturing of the target’s computer screen can be done by taking a screenshot. It is possible without letting the owner of the target computer be informed about it.

  • You can record what content is being typed on the target computer’s keyboard using the real-time keystrokes recording.

  • You can track or access the past downloads or Internet browsing activities of the targeted computer.

  • It is effortless to track all the file activity happening on the target’s device on your computer.

  • Use the App activity recording feature to know what apps are running and their usage of the computer you are spying on regularly.

  • You can also monitor the USB connection, Print activities, and login activities happening on the target computer.

  • The tool can also help you know what all web social media and web email activities are happening on the target computer.


Bottom Line

Now you are well aware of the solution to how to remotely access another computer over the internet. You can perform it as per your need to remotely track the target’s computer. Be it either friendly (using the official remote desktop connection feature of the Windows) or using a tool. Try to use one that is meant for covert remote access, i.e., Monivisor.

The best things about the tool are virus-free, stable to use and regular free software updates. It also ensures complete protection of Data & Privacy of the users with high-security standards so that no third person can access the data!


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