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    I am really very happy as well as feeling so very proud that despite being yourself so very knowledgeable how come you actually don’t boast it off, rather you just keep your knowledge sharing with all those people around you each as well as every time.

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    I personally, would start by writing on paper. At the very least i want to plan the sort of code that I want to write. Sometimes I may need to check with a book to make sure that I have the right syntax.

    Then you need to have a nice simple programming environment. You need to download a simple Integrate programming environment (IDE). I emphasize the word simple. You do not want to spend ages learning how to use the IDE.

    I use Quincy 2005. Probably not the best IDE, but very very simple to use. You can work out how to use this in a matter of minutes. You do not need anything fancy. Basically, you need to be able to type in your program, save it and do other basic operations as you would if you were typing in some text in notepad.

    You then need to be able to compile the code you typed in and then run it, all from the same piece of software.

    Some people suggest that you use Visual studio, or other IDEs that can be used to develop C++ programs. Problem is, it takes a while before you get used to using them.


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