It would be impossible to deny that gambling has undergone significant changes over the years, although many of them have been undeniably positive for the industry as a whole.


Indeed, technology has played a huge role in helping to make the entire iGaming industry into what it is today, as it has had the ability to take operations online, thus allowing for new innovations to have been allowed to thrive whilst a larger audience can continue to be captured.


Virtual betting is another change that has been introduced to the betting scene, whilst there are many that are already starting to speculate that virtual betting might be the next big thing within the industry.


What is virtual betting?


As a simple explanation, virtual betting is the act whereby a bettor will be able to place a wager on an event that is not happening live but can still have an outcome that is not pre-determined.


There are a number of different virtual betting events that can be participated in, with a number of sports each having virtual events such as the fact that bettors can now wager on virtual soccer, whilst there are also eSports that are available to place wagers on, as operators look to capitalize on the growth of the sport.


Evidence already available to suggest virtual betting could be huge


Over the past couple of years, there has been an argument that bettors are looking for immediacy with the bets that they place, as they are looking for quicker returns and a way to potentially make a quicker return on the money that they have essentially invested in on a potential outcome.


Virtual betting allows this to happen in a near-instant, as many of these events simply take a fraction of the time of the actual event. For instance, a virtual football match may take just a handful of minutes to complete, rather than the 90 minutes used in a real live game.


Furthermore, there are more options available at a more frequent rate, such as virtual horse racing. Whilst many horse races may take 30 minutes to get started, the next virtual race can start just a few minutes after the previous virtual race had been concluded.


2020 might have been a big year for virtual betting


With how the world was in 2020, there will have been many bettors who turned to online casinos to try and make more money, whilst there will have been some looking at virtual betting as another way to try and improve their betting experiences.


Indeed, live sporting events were put on hold in most parts of the world throughout 2020, which will have left many sports betting enthusiasts looking for something to help them to fill the void that they found was left when each professional sport was suspended or postponed.


Virtual betting will have offered an outlet for many of them, though, as they will still have been able to enjoy the excitement that competitive sport can provide, whilst it will have also provided them with an opportunity to get the immediacy that gamblers have started to crave over the last decade or so.


In addition, eSports will have also provided a huge amount of entertainment to those that watched and bet on them, with each game being as unpredictable as the next, which is something that can not necessarily be said about any other real sporting event, whilst also potentially appealing more to the newest generation of sports bettors coming through.




It would be incredibly wrong to decide that virtual sports betting is not a huge thing to have arrived in the gambling industry, although whether it will be the next big thing remains to be seen. Traditionalist will still stick to tried and true sites like for their betting whilst this specific sector is still developing.


The new generation of sports bettors will certainly have a say about it as they will have been brought up with all of the technology and the desire (and even expectation) to having things delivered immediately will certainly appeal.


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