The journey of the fruit slot machine was started in the year 1907, and the first-ever company that worked on it was based in Chicago. However, prior to the fruit slot machines, the first-ever version was Liberty Bell, but the latest was the brightest one based on the bright fruits theme.

The basic fruits that were at the earliest displays and still are common in most of the fruit-themed machines include:

  •         Plums
  •         Lemons
  •         Cherries
  •         Grapes

Sooner, these fruits because the quickest hits in the worldwide casinos, and the casinos incorporated these symbols to their best game rooms. Read ahead or check out some of the best Barcrest slot machines with fruit themes.

Obstacles in Front of Fruit Themed Machines

Previously, though the players enjoyed the basic slot machines, new laws were passed that put restriction on the gambling slot machines. So, to give a twist to the reel rolling, there developed these fruit slot machines that complemented the anti-gambling laws. Therefore, instead of cash prizes, winnings through these machines were in the form of fruit-flavored candies and gums. It was indeed a smart move because the people could still play on the slot machines; however, the machine owners could not be prosecuted against the anti-gambling laws.

So, until the year 1910, there was a massive population of players looking for fruit slot themed games, and alone in the United States and Europe, up to 300,000 machines were manufactured and distributed. At that time, the primary places where these machines were planted included:

  •         Cigar Stores
  •         Bowling Alleys
  •         Saloons
  •         Barber Shops
  •         Brothels
  •         And many other similar locations.

Under the restrictions of anti-gambling laws, these were the ideal places and the best loophole against the strict laws.

Legalizing of Slot Machines

Whenever there are strict impositions, an underworld defies all the rules and regulations and works against all the rules. So, in the 1900s, when there were anti-gambling impositions, many people were making their own ways to keep the market going operating in the hidden locations where the authorities could not reach most of the time.

Later in 1931, gambling became legal in Nevada, US, that was in order to generate revenue for the state out the gambling. Nevada wasn’t densely populated at that time, but soon after, the bill started flowing in, and after 1945 its popularity was at its peak and came to be recognized as the biggest gambling city. Following such a breakthrough by the year 1960, Las Vegas became the hub of casinos and hotels where gambling has become a norm, and the interested people travel to the city from across the world.

Even today, highly innovative game developers bring the nostalgia of fruit slots, and they have even turned these classic slots into video slots. So, contemporary players are still connected to that golden era of gambling. Even the fruits are also the important components in most of the online slots, provided with the innovative rounds, and most of the fruit symbols have some special feature associated with them.


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