JustForex is a retail currency broker that was founded in 2012. It offers traders access to the foreign exchange (forex) market. Plus, it also offers a wide range of trading conditions. If you want to invest your money in online trading and are confused because of a lack of knowledge, then no worries. Today, we will share a JustForex review that will be very helpful to you if you are a beginner.


JustForex is a reliable platform that offers leverage from 1:3000 up to for their clients. However, it provides basic Cent, Standard, Pro, or Raw Spread account types for the opening. The various types of accounts offer different trading conditions. These conditions usually include tight spread and trading tools and strategies.

Is JustForex a Regulated Company?

JustForex is regulated by JF Global Limited, which is an offshore corporation licensed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, some people said that St. Vincent and the Grenadines are an international zone. Plus, it registers financial investment firms but has few if any, rules for their operation. That would be to say, the broker is not regulated, monitored, or bound by strict international rules that offer traders protection.


According to the company, JustForex has earned millions of people’s trust in over 197 countries. Our firm is one of the most well-known global brokers.” The Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent and the Grenadines claimed to regulate the broker. However, this license is insufficient to operate in “197 countries.”

Is JustForex A Safe Platform Or Not?

Many people ask the same query that is JustForex a safe broker or not? So we clarify that it is not a safe Forex broker like others because it has a license from any internationally recognized Forex regulator. The broker may do fraud with the client by using the company because it was never reviewed for compliance before its establishment. Moreover, it was never supervised in respect of its safety and is free to run the business however it wants.


Account Demo And Mobile Apps

Also, JustForex offers their customers to create a free demo account. Demo trading is a trial and training platform that simulates real-time Forex trading. The demo account is free and does not require any investments. It helps to acquire online trading experience, practice working with MetaTrader. Furthermore, it analyzes your strategy without taking any risks.


All in all, JustForex is a user-friendly platform. It provides its users an app where they can manage their activity anywhere. Plus, the customers can simply complete all the procedures from a mobile phone. The processes may include opening an account, managing withdrawals, reading analytics, and completing verification.


Basically, the company’s offer is reasonable. But the choices are a high-risk investment depending upon the nature of trading. It also relies on the unlicensed atmosphere of the JustForex company. Additionally, it raises some doubts about whether or not to join trading. You should consider the significance of money and the security of investors’ cash. Plus, it is strongly advised to choose among well-regulated firms. The firms must maintain all essential licenses, keep to approved operations and provide excellent customers.












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