A leading Alula interactive monitoring partner is SafeHomeCentral. The feature-rich Alula Connect app enables homeowners and businesses to simply check the status of all security sensors, arm and disable their security alarm system from a smartphone or computer, and see their house or place of business from compatible HD cameras. Our consumers may rest easy knowing that everything is well thanks to Connect. We have Alula alternatives to integrate with your new or existing security system, ranging from basic security features to full home automation control.

We provide contracts-free alarm monitoring options that are among the most economical on the market right now. Select from one of our UL central station alarm monitoring packages or go self-monitoring to save money. Alula offers dual-path cellular and Internet communication pathways with suitable gear, as well as LTE cellular alert monitoring. We have several strategically placed, fully manned central stations that are UL approved all over the US.


Option for Self-Monitoring

Self-monitored alarm systems are exactly what they sound like; you technically keep an eye on them yourself. The main benefit is the price difference between Alula and the Alula Connect smartphone app’s interactive capabilities and a UL central station dispatch plan. This includes the ability to remotely arm and disarm your security system as well as control Z-Wave home automation and video features. It also includes notification of alarms and trouble issues received via the app.


Monitoring for a low cost Alula alarm system (Annual)

You must pick a security system with the most dependable communication technology if you want it to dependably defend you in an emergency situation, such as a fire, a break-in, or severe weather. From your alarm panel to Alula’s data centre and on to our UL central station, our Alula monitoring includes fantastic options for Ethernet, WIFI, and cellular pathways. We offer cellular and Internet alternatives with redundant paths, as well as interactive services for remote operation of compatible panels.

We offer a variety of low-cost, NO CONTRACT home alarm monitoring options to suit all of your security, home automation, and emergency medical needs.



Alula Connect Interactive Services: Smarter Security Total System Control from Anywhere!

Control your door locks, Z-Wave lights,  and thermostats from anywhere while remotely arming and disarming your home security system.


  • Notification Mechanism

With configurable text, video, push notifications, and email alerts, you can be informed about significant activity at your home or place of business at any time—not just in an emergency.


  • Smart

The simple to use interface of the app allows you to view and manage your DIY home security system: You can arm and disarm your system, watch live video, and control the thermostat, garage doors, and lights.


  • Scenes, automation, and video

You make the rules in your own home.

You deserve dependability and control when there are so many options for staying connected. Establish the guidelines for immediate notifications. Instantly receive live video to your mobile device and be informed when doors and windows are opened or when motion is detected.


  • Adaptive technology


Your smart devices can complement your way of life with event-based “Scenes” and “Recipes”. Depending on your daily routines, change the ambience throughout your home. When you wake up in the morning or return home, lights, cameras, garage doors, and temperatures can adapt to welcome you.


  • Convenient User Control

Within seconds, add new users. With the configuration of selective access, permit total or restricted control. even be able to create temporary accounts for service providers or relatives in town.


  • Configurations for the Alula Home Security Zones

When a sensor or detector is triggered, Alula uses zones in conjunction with zone configurations and armed modes to know how your security system will react. Create unique zone settings via the Alula app right now.


  • Built-in Video

For both enterprises and homeowners, an affordable and simple to use video solution is available. Now that their footage is safely saved and accessible from anywhere, your customers can watch over their homes and businesses with confidence.


  • For Connect+, Alula ATT LTE M1 Cellular Communicator RP-RE930RPV



A 4G/5G cellular device called the RE930R LTE M1 Expansion Card gives panel network connection. It may be used as the main connection method or as a backup.


Features: Provides a primary or backup network connection; connects panel to the cellular network (ATT);


  • Simon XT/XTi/XTi-5 Cellular Communicator Alula CONNECT-XT with Z-Wave



This 5G & 4G cellular communicator, which is a member of the Alula Connect products of same company, easily upgrades old Simon XTi,  XT, and XTi-5 panels to the Alula interactive experience and serves as an immediate, all-purpose replacement for outdated 3G cards put in the Simon panels.Simon is upgraded by Connect-XT to provide full smartphone control for automation, video, and security. For Verizon or AT&T, there are two models available with Z-wave automation.



Upgrade Alula with Simon. One smartphone app for security, video, and automation with interactive control

Integration of video – Alula can be used in combination with our effective communicators. Change a basic panel into a wireless smart home hub with video Z-Wave automation.

Installation was simple; within five minutes, upgrade Simon with the existing panel.

Compatible with 4G LTE and 5G, AT&T and Verizon – Communications with a longer range and future-proofing

Using remote panel programming, you can stop expensive truck rolls.


  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and AT&T 4G/5G Alula BAT-CONNECT-A Communicator Universal Tri-Path


The latest system takeover tool from Alula, the BAT-Connect, quickly transforms antiquated security platforms into cutting-edge mobile experiences. With the Alula iOS or Android Apps, this intuitive device seamlessly connects intrusion security, video, and automation, making it much more than a simple communicator. System control is sent instantaneously to the smart devices your consumers already use and enjoy thanks to the encrypted, blazing-fast Alula network.


  • Alp-RE929RPV by Alula Connect+ Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator Card



It provides interactive services and alarm reporting through Verizon LTE networks as a primary or backup communication channel.



This module allows alarm reporting and interactive services to be offered over Verizon LTE networks as either the primary or backup communication path. It can be added to expansion in slot 1 of the Connect+/Helix panel.







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