Is it possible to see the “Instagram user” name on Instagram?

This is possible in a few places.

is the first place in your Instagram Direct Messages.

You might not be able see the Instagram username of someone you are chatting with if you start a conversation.

Instead of their username , or real name, their username will be “Instagram user”.

When you visit someone’s profile, you can also view their name, “Instagram user”.

This guide will explain what “Instagram user” means, and how to determine if you have been blocked by that person.


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What does Instagram user mean?


Instagram User is a person who has blocked or deleted your Instagram account.

You won’t see the Instagram username or name of the person who blocked you if they block you.

Instead, their name will be “Instagram user”.

You won’t also be able see the posts of the person.

This is done by Instagram to block the person who blocked them.

If you haven’t emailed the person in a while, however, you can see your messages to determine who blocked you.

You can identify who sent the messages if you recognize the sender, even if they have blocked you.

The username of the person who deleted their Instagram account will not be displayed if they do.

Does Instagram User mean blocked?

Yes, Instagram User can be used to indicate that someone has blocked you.

This could also indicate that someone has deleted their Instagram account.

However, it is most likely that the user has blocked you.

You won’t have the ability to message someone on Instagram if they block you.

Your profile information, such as username , profile picture, name and username , will be hidden.

If you cannot see the profile picture, username or name of the person, you are most likely blocked.

What is Instagram User in DM and what does it mean?

Insta User in your DM means that has blocked you.

You won’t see the profile photo of the person who blocked you in chat or direct messages.

However, the messages the person sent to you will remain intact unless they enable vanish mode.

You won’t also be able see their username or Instagram name.

Instead of seeing their username or name, you will see “Instagram user”.

Instagram does this to keep you anonymous about who blocked you.

But, if you recognize the messages that the person has sent, you can easily identify them.

How can you discover who the “Instagram user” is?

Check your direct messages to find out who “Instagram user” is.

You can also use a third-party application to see who blocked your phone.

First, you need to open the chat and see “Instagram user” in the name.

You can easily identify the person if you have contacted them recently.

Because it is easier to remember the messages.

Check your messages and remember who sent them.

You might not be able identify the person who emailed you long ago if they haven’t replied to you in a while.

It’s because it is harder to recall the sender of the messages.

To find out who blocked you on Instagram, you will need to use third-party apps

This feature is available in multiple apps on both the App Store or Google Play Store.

You might need to pay extra to see who has blocked you on Instagram.


You might see “Instagram User” instead of the actual username or name of the person on Instagram.

Some users find this puzzling as it seems like Instagram is down.

However, this is not true as the person who blocked you most likely did not know.

Block means you won’t see the information of the person on Instagram.

Your messages with them won’t be deleted if they didn’t enable disappear mode.

Instagram has not yet implemented a feature that erases all chats with someone if they are blocked.

If you can remember the sender of the messages, you can still identify who blocked your computer.



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