LinkedIn has just launched a new AI-powered chatbot that aims to be your job seeker coach so you can land your next job. The chatbot, which is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, began rolling out to premium users on Wednesday and tries to help users gauge if a job application is worth their time.

To open the chatbot, just head to a job posting and select one of the question prompts such as “Am I a good fit for this job?” or “How can I best position myself for this job?” After analyzing your profile and experience, the bot will respond with answers like “Your profile shows that you have extensive experience in marketing and event planning, which is relevant for this role.”

To make this bot experience more tolerable, LinkedIn engineers had to cut the latency associated with queries. Talking to CNBC about this issue, Erran Berger, LinkedIn’s vice president of product engineering, said:

“We had to build a lot of stuff on our end to work around that and to make this a snappy experience. When you’re having these conversational experiences, sometimes it’s almost like search — you expect it to be instant. And so there’s real platform capabilities we had to develop to make that possible.”

Another issue is AI safety. With this chatbot, LinkedIn said that it has invested a lot to make sure the chatbot stays within the guardrails of what meets its responsible AI standards.

In terms of features, one of the unique abilities that LinkedIn added was to have the bot show you some of the people on LinkedIn who work for the company you’re viewing a position for. It will pick out users that have second- or third-degree connections to you so that you can send them a message about the opportunity with the option to have the AI write the message.

Source: LinkedIn via CNBC


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