Microsoft has announced that all new Surface devices will now be engineered from the ground up as “Secured core PCs.” This approach integrates layered hardware, firmware, and software defenses to protect Surface users from sophisticated cyber threats.

As part of the Secured core initiative, Microsoft says it will useits own custom firmware and software for Surface devices rather than relying on third-party components. This gives the company more control over security updates and the ability to address any vulnerabilities quickly. The company emphasizes that unified control from chip to software enables faster delivery of critical security patches.

As soon as you press the power button, custom firmware springs into action to ensure everything inside is safe and authenticated. This process ensures your computer starts up safely. It also checks essential parts like cameras, microphones and other connectors to make sure they’re working securely.



In addition to the custom firmware, Surface PCs also benefit from the built-in protections of Windows 11. The OS reduces attack surfaces and enables security tools like Windows Hello, malware protection and firewalls by default.

The interplay between Surface hardware and Windows 11 offers enhanced protection to your biometric credentials while enabling a seamless Windows Hello Facial login experience. These enhanced protections use specialized hardware and software components to isolate and protect biometric credentials, offering protection against advanced threats to keep you secure and productive.

Additionally, Microsoft is future-proofing Surface security with a shift to the memory-safe programming language Rust. The company’s firmware and drivers are being rewritten in Rust, which has been shown to reduce vulnerabilities by up to 70%. This will make the underlying systems even more robust against threats.

“We’re developing thoughtful solutions for security in an ever more AI-enabled world,” Microsoft wrote in a blog. “And we’re creating pathways to share these innovations with the entire ecosystem of Windows PCs.”

With Secured core and integrating hardware and software defenses, Microsoft looks to set a new standard for PC security, protect Surface users from emerging risks, and pave the way for the next-generation Windows.


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